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Is a Religious Ceremony Necessary for Marriage in Turkey

Is a Religious Ceremony Necessary for Marriage in Turkey

The marriage law in Turkey clearly mentions that only if you perform a civil marriage that will be considered as a legal marriage in Turkey. Other than that, of course, you are free to perform any or all kind of religious marriage ceremonies too.

Criteria for Marriage in Turkey

There are also certain criteria that you must fulfil in order to have a marriage in Turkey. Here are some of them:

If both you and your partner belong to the same country but are not Turks, you can validate your marriage by the Turkish authorities. The same can be done through your country’s consulate officials or the country embassy. To conduct a marriage in Turkey, you also need to obtain a marriage license from your own country’s consulate.

If you and your partner belong to different nationalities and none of you are Turkish citizens, you must get your marriage validated by a Turkish official. The rest of the rules remain the same.

If your partner is a Turk, then too, your marriage must be validated by a Turkish official. Get your marriage license from your country’s embassy and you are all set to be the son-in-law of Turkey.

What Is a Turkish Wedding Like?

Well, we all know that a wedding is a lifetime of union between a man and a woman to start a family. It is also a part of tradition, culture and heritage in all countries across the world in different formats. Turkey being a hub of cultures and tradition, the wedding ceremony in Turkey is a one of its kind.

The Kina Gecesi

The kina gecesi or the henna night is the beginning of the marriage ceremony. It means applying of henna to color the palms of the groom and the bride which indicates a farewell to bachelorhood.
Then Comes the Celebration with Music
Some wedding instruments that are classic for the wedding are called davuls and zurna which plays in the wedding party to mark the celebratory mood. Amidst the hullabaloo, the groom comes to the bride’s door and whisks her away, usually in a car. The local and the relatives dance and follow the car. Doesn’t it sound fun? Then what are you waiting for, plan your wedding in Turkey and create amazing memories.