Can I get my diploma in Turkey, and is it recognized internationally?

Can I get my diploma in Turkey, and is it recognized internationally?

Can I get my diploma in Turkey, and is it recognized internationally?

Is it possible to obtain my diploma in Turkey, and is it recognized internationally? That’s the question on so many students’ minds.

Turkey has long been a popular destination for students looking to study abroad. Being home to various prestigious universities and courses attracts students to be part of the Turkish education system. Being one of the world’s fastest-growing countries, Turkey offers everything to compete in the global market.

If you talk about the diploma degree in Turkey, yes, you can get it in Turkey. You need to check the universities offering your desired degree course. Their high school diploma is considered equivalent to the Turkish high school diploma for international students or foreigners. Therefore, they can take admission easily to higher education institutions in Turkey.

It is mandatory to take a “Diploma Equivalence Certificate” to get registered in Turkish institutions. But it is not guaranteed to successfully obtain this certificate as it is decided on various factors by the National Education Directorate.

You need to get your documents ready in time for the registration. These include; your passport, student visa, equivalence diploma application form, original diploma, transcripts, and others.

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What Attracts International Students to Study in Turkey?

You must know that degrees offered by Turkish universities are equally recognized across all other countries. Many high-level programs are taught in English, thus, making it possible to gain an equivalent position across the world.

When it comes to the facilities offered by the Turkish universities, many of them have modern campuses providing all state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. Thus, ensure to give better education and stay to the international students.

Also, what attracts the students to study in Turkey is the affordable tuition fees and cost of living compared to several European or American countries. Moreover, the quality of education is quite remarkable and higher than in other countries.

Equivalence of university or high school diplomas are recognized for; bachelor, master, and doctorate are obtained from other countries. Thus, allowing students to study further or practice their profession legally in Turkey.

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