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Perfect Holiday Opportunities in Turkey

Perfect Holiday Opportunities in Turkey

If you’re trying to choose the best place to visit Turkey, it’s enough to know which season you like to feel. On the other hand, your expectations are strongly determined too.

Expectations for Travel

Travel reasons change for everybody. Some people like the summer holiday, someone else likes cultural traveling, the other likes winter festivals, etc. However, you must choose your reason to travel.

Summer in Turkey

For the summer holidays, Turkey can be a good option. Turkey is a peninsula country surrounded by three seas. Mostly the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean have many visitors in the summer holidays. Some cities are known for their beautiful areas and clean water for swimming. For example, İzmir, Muğla, Antalya, Aydın cities are available for the summer holiday.
If you like more peaceful, calm places; you can prefer islands in Turkey. For example Bozcaada, İğneada or Gökçeada could help for finding peace in your summer holiday. In addition to this, if you don’t like crowded places in summer, you may prefer spring or autumn seasons for your holiday. In this way, you can enjoy cultural events in Turkey like museums, antique cities. In some warm cities, you can swim in September or May too.
Some seasons are more colorful like İstanbul. If you like cultural holidays you can prefer to visit İstanbul. The city has many historical places, museums, mosques and beautiful landscapes like The Bosphorus. İstanbul is the most crowded and cosmopolitan city in Turkey. So, you can find everything easily in the city. If you like nightlife, you can enjoy in İstanbul.

Winter in Turkey

After all, if you like winter holidays, Turkey has ski facilities too. For example, Uludağ in Bursa or Palandöken in Erzurum, has many visitors for winter tourism every year. Every season has different several features in Turkey and it’s important to know what you like.