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Important Things You Should Know about Driving in Turkey

Important Things You Should Know about Driving in Turkey

Driving your own car is a great way to explore Turkey. Because then you can go wherever you want and experience things that are different from regular tourist places. However, like all other countries, Turkey too has its own sets of traffic rules and guidelines. Before you decide to hire a car and drive you must know about these regulations and make sure to follow them.

The Turkish Highway Code

The most important and basic rules about driving in Turkey that you should know about are as follows:

Driving is permitted if you are above 18 years of age, but to rent a car you have to be minimum 21 years old.

Turkey follows right-hand side driving. So, if you are not used to it maybe you should give it a miss.

The highway codes of Turkey are similar to that of France and other European countries. But the road signs follow the international protocol. Hence, it should be easy to follow for everyone.

Drunk driving is punishable and the fine can be hefty. Mobile phones are a complete no-no too unless you are using a hands-free.

Follow the speed limits wherever applicable.

While driving on highways, it is better to take the B route against the A route wherever possible. Because the A road is usually congested whereas the B routes are mostly empty and hence you can enjoy your drive more.

Highway Code in Turkish

There can be instances, especially around the smaller internal roads where the signs like stop or drive slowly can be in Turkish. Be mindful of the signs. But if you don’t understand what the signs say, not to worry. Just be very careful and drive slowly.

Some other things to remember while driving in Turkey are:

People don’t usually honk unless extremely necessary.

Children under 12 are not permitted in the front car seats.

There can be tolls on some motorways.

If you follow the above-mentioned rules and guidelines of driving in Turkey, it should be a fun experience. And, in case you face any problem, the authorities are always there to assist you. If you can, there is no better way to explore this beautiful country than to drive around by yourself.