Do You Need a Transit Visa If You Don’t Leave the Airport in Turkey?

Do You Need a Transit Visa If You Don’t Leave the Airport in Turkey?

Turkey Transit Visa

This article explains; “do you need a transit visa if you don’t leave the airport in Turkey?” question in detail. A Turkey transit visa is a license to get past Turkey during your journey to another country. This is normal because not everyone would get a direct flight to their stop. The permit is compulsory for all petitioners under the Turkey visa system, who desire to:

  • Leave the airport,
  • Pass through the immigration desks,
  • Stay for more than one day (24 hours) in Turkey for a connection,


If you will not leave the transit lounge at the airport you are not needed to have a transit visa in Turkey. A transit visa for Turkey is only required if you are thinking about leaving the airport and spending a few days in the beautiful country. If the tourist is simply connecting to another flight and will not be leaving the airport, a transit visa is not required.

Do You Need Transit Visa for Connecting Flights in Turkey?

Whether or not a traveler needs a Turkey transit visa depends on how they are planning on spending little time in Turkey. If the tourist is connecting to another flight and will remain at the airport, it’s not necessary to seek a transit visa. Turkish government decides that citizens of over 90 countries can get their transit visas for Turkey.

Most citizenships are qualified to get a transit visa through Turkey’s E-Visa system. The traveler only requires a valid passport, a debit or credit card, and an e-mail address. Before applying for a transit visa for Turkey, the traveler should consider whether they will be leaving the transit lounge in the airport and spending some time in Turkey.

Residents of over 90 countries can get their transit visas and most of them are qualified through the E-Visa system. Although, individuals who have a Turkey tourist visa or visa for other intentions, need not a transit visa. You can get past with a Turkey visa of any sort or a sticker visa to visit Turkey.

No matter whether your nationality is eligible, you need one of the visas if you are planning to go to Turkey while traveling to Europe or other countries. In any case, you do not require a transit visa, if your citizenship is one with the visa-free category.

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Types of Turkish Transit Visas

Turkey Transit E-Visa

The process for this visa type is fast, inexpensive, and simple. Many countries can apply for an E-Visa in Turkey. Hence, transit visas can also be applied via a website online or if you already have a Turkey tourist visa, then you are suitable for transit too and there is no requirement to avail a separate transit visa.

Turkey Transit Sticker Visa

To get a transit sticker visa for Turkey, you are necessary to do an offline action like; document submission, visa interviews, and a particular visa fee. The sticker visa for your transit can be single transit and double transit.

How to Apply For a Turkey Transit Visa?

Applying for a Turkey transit visa is quite an easy process. Appropriate citizens can complete an online petition from the comfort of their home, a cafe, or an office. Travelers are necessary to provide some basic biographical information such as; their full name, date, place of birth, and contact information. All candidates need to fill in their passport number and the passport publishing and expiration date too.

Before presenting the application, it’s advisable that travelers amend their details. It’s required to pay the visa charge with a debit or credit card. The candidate must give an e-mail address, where they will receive information about their Turkey E-Visa.

Once the application is done, Turkey’s E-Visa system will process the application, which can take between two to three days. Though, travelers should apply at least 72 hours ahead of their scheduled trip to Europe or other countries. The Turkey e-Visa can be multiple or single entries, according to the traveler’s nationality.

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Requirements For Turkey Transit Visa

The requirement of a Turkey transit visa relies on your time of stay in Turkey. If you are catching a connecting flight while going to Europe or other countries, and you might have to stay for more than a day or two, you must use a Turkey transit visa.

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Other requirements of a Turkey transit visa are the same as the traveler visa, except that you have to apply for the correct visa when you are applying. The necessary papers and documents for a Turkish transit visa application are:

  • Passport: This is compulsory when it comes to a request for a transit visa. Also, the passport must be legal for another six months till the date you arrive in Turkey.
  • Photographs: You need a photograph of yours (3.5 inc * 5.5 inc).
  • Verification of Income or Savings: A right proof has to be provided stating that you can fund your stay/transit in Turkey to reach your destination country in Europe or other locations. Also, holding at least 50 dollars each day to spend is mandatory.
  • Travel Insurance copy: A travel or medical insurance is important because you can always ask for compensation, damages, or coverage whenever you have any luggage transit loss or medical emergency. So, you can get a traveling insurance policy.
  • Flight tickets: Your flight tickets from the start location to Turkey to Europe or other locations are very crucial because they determine when and how much time you have or whether you need a Turkey transit visa.
  • Visa to the Final Destination: You must show a correct certificate/visa to the country you are traveling to from Turkey.
  • Accommodation Proof: There is a requirement of any kind of proof like; hotel proof or a call letter from the host in Turkey and the final destination.
  • Police Clearance Certificate: A correctly signed document from the police department that you have not been engaged in any cases of criminal activity in past years.