Turkey Visa Requirements

Turkey Visa Requirements

Complete List of Required Documents for a Turkish Visa

We’ll talk about Turkey visa requirements in this article, this is one of the most asked questions by foreigners who wish to travel and visit Turkey. You will need to gather numerous documents and provide them to the Turkish embassy or consulate when applying for a Turkish visa.[1]

These documents indicate your purpose to visit Turkey and your eligibility to do so. The documents you’ll need for a Turkish visa may vary based on the type of visa you’re seeking for. Your citizenship may also play a role in this since citizens of different countries are required to provide more or lesser documents.[2]

What are the Sticker Visa Requirements for Turkey?

As soon as you complete the Pre-Application Process form, you may begin gathering the necessary documents for a Turkish visa. The sooner you begin collecting them, the better. Ascertain that they all fulfill the Turkish authorities’ standards and specifications. The following are the Turkey visa requirements:

Turkey Visa Application Form

Questions on the following items can be found on the form:

  • Name and surname,
  • Date and place of birth,
  • ID number,
  • Citizenship and country of residence,
  • Parents’ name,
  • Type of passport,
  • The type of visa you are applying for,
  • The requested duration of stay,
  • Info on previous visa applications for Turkey,
  • Info on previous trips to Turkey,
  • Info on your spouse and children, if applicable,


Complete and submit it.

Turkey Visa Photo Requirements

As part of your Turkey visa application, you must submit two similar photographs. The photo for the Turkey Visa must be 5cm by 6cm and shot within the past six months. The following is a list of the photo criteria for a Turkey visa:

  • Be of high quality, in sharp focus, and clean,
  • No ink marks and creases,
  • Have the appropriate brightness and contrast,
  • Not have any staple marks,
  • You must be looking directly at the camera.
A Passport or other Travel Document is Required For a Turkish Visa

On the day you arrive in Turkey, you must provide a passport or other travel document that is valid for at least another six months. Make sure there is at least one blank sheet on which the embassy or consulate may place the sticker visa. During the processing of the application, the passport will be kept at the Turkish embassy (or consulate). You should also send copies of the entrance and departure seals, as well as any previously received visa stamps, along with your passport.

Proof of Accommodation in Turkey

You need to indicate where you will stay, even if it is just for one night, regardless of how long you plan to stay in Turkey. As evidence of accommodation in Turkey, you can show any of the following documents:

● If you are staying in a hotel in Turkey, you must submit a booking letter that includes the entry and leave dates, your name and surname, as well as the hotel’s address and contact information.
Letter of invitation from a Turkish host: If a Turkish resident has asked you to stay at their home while you are in Turkey, you must submit a letter of invitation from the host. It should include the host’s contact information as well as the location’s address. Your first and last names, as well as your relationship with the host, should be included in the application. This is indeed required for a Turkish visa.

Means of Support while you are in Turkey

The Turkish authorities want you to demonstrate that you have sufficient money to maintain yourself while in Turkey. For each day you intend to spend in Turkey, you should budget around €50. You can demonstrate that you have the required funds by:

● Bank statements for the last three months,
● Proof of additional sources of income, such as pay stubs, rental receipts, proof of your spouse’s income, and so on.
● A letter of support from a third party stating that they would reimburse your expenditures. It also is necessary to show that this person has the financial resources to do so, such as bank statements.

Note that if your housing in Turkey is covered by a host, you will be able to apply with a daily budget of less than €50. If the food is also covered, the amount of money needed will be much lower. In this instance, proof of covered lodging and food is required.

Travel Itinerary and Flight Booking Information

You must provide documentation of how you want to go to Turkey and what you intend to accomplish while there. This is referred to as evidence of flight booking. If you intend to fly to Turkey, you must arrange a round-trip airfare and show this document to the embassy or consulate on the day of your appointment.

Other papers, such as a bus ticket, driver’s license, and authorization to enter Turkey by vehicle, are also allowed, depending on the mode of transportation you want to use to go to Turkey. Other papers, such as invites to events, scheduled excursions, museum tickets, and so on, should be submitted as well, depending on what you want to do in Turkey. This is indeed required for a Turkish visa.

Travel Medical Insurance and Police Clearance Certificate

In order to go to Turkey, it’s indeed necessary to obtain Travel Medical Insurance. The insurance must cover the whole area of Turkey, with a minimum of €30,000 in coverage. Submit a police clearance certificate or any equivalent document from your country of residence’s appropriate authorities. This document should demonstrate that you have not been engaged in any criminal activity in the previous several years.

Turkey Visa Requirements According to Your Employment Status

● If you are working, you must submit a letter from your workplace guaranteeing that you will travel back to your home country following your vacation to Turkey. Paystubs from the previous three months are also needed.
● If you’re a business owner, you’ll need to provide your company’s certificate of incorporation and registration, as well as a trading license and a bank account statement for the last three months. You can contact us if you are considering establishing a company in Turkey or purchasing a company in Turkey.
● If your spouse supports you, you should submit the identical documentation for your spouse as mentioned above.

Required Documents for Turkey Visa Applicants under the age of 18

  • Birth certificate,
  • If just one parent is going with the minor visa application, a consent letter from the parent who is not accompanying the child is required.
  • If the parents are divorced or the applicant is the legal guardian of a third party, custody documents are required.
  • Death certificate, if one or both parents have passed away.

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Date information: This article was published on 14.04.2021, and last edited on 23.06.2021.