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Will I Be Discriminated Against for My Appearance or My Religion in Turkey?

Will I Be Discriminated Against for My Appearance or My Religion in Turkey?

Turkey has shown promising development in the past years by escaping recession and showing progressive growth in the final quarter of 2019. The country is also known for its fascinating culture and delicious food as well as for the exotic travel destinations and it has become a hub for business and entertainment.

It has shown a growth of 5% per year and was also projected to grow by another 5% in 2020 until the pandemic affected the world economy and trade. But it still retains its position above Switzerland in terms of GDP to be succeeded by Saudi Arabia and so on.

Whilst the history of the US is witnessing the largest anti-racism protests and the world supporting it too. It’s safe to say that Turkey isn’t all that primitive anymore about such matters, in spite of itself witnessing some discrimination based on not just religion but also gender and appearance in the late 20th century.

A Culturally Diverse but Fascinating Nation

Turkey has evidently shown to be a secular country in the past decade were more than half the population is Muslim and the other half consists of major minorities such as Christians, Jews, Alevis, Atheists, and so on. Each is allowed to practice their religion and have access to similar amenities and benefits without restrictions based on discrimination.

Mutual Respect for Fellow Humans

While no active discrimination is observed based on appearance anymore, the conservative beliefs are slowly being uprooted in the nation. This previously denied the people from particular religions from accessing and performing the final rites and other ceremonies.

People are now respected and celebrated for their ways too not only in urban areas but also in some rural areas and are allowed to practice their religion.