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What Is the Equivalent Certificate and How Do I Get It?

What Is the Equivalent Certificate and How Do I Get It?

Equivalent Certificate is a type of document that states your high school diploma obtained in whichever respective country is recognized as an equivalent to the Turkish High School Diploma. It allows a student to join an Education Institution in Turkey for higher studies.

It is a mandatory requirement needed at the time of registration in any Turkish Education Institution and is followed by an investigation of the legitimacy of the same. It can affect your acceptance status as the failure in providing this certificate could result in the cancellation of registration into the university.

How to Obtain the Equivalence Certificate?

An Equivalence certificate can be obtained from a Turkish Embassy in your home country by submitting the following documents:

●    Equivalence Diploma Application Form.
●    Original Diploma Certificate.
●    Passport.
●    Student Visa.
●    Original Transcripts of previous high school years approved and stamped by the Ministry of Education.

There are three types of documents provided to students seeking admission to the Turkish Education Institution with respect to their existing qualifications.

Diploma Equivalence Certificate

People who have graduated from their Higher Education program who seek to study for a Doctorate Degree in a Turkish Institution will be required to submit this document and compulsorily too, especially when they have a background in the health field.

Graduation Recognition Certificate

Applicants who desire to make their academic degrees quantifiable without evaluation of vocational achievements and skills could apply for the Graduation Recognition Certificate.

Institution Recognition Certificate

It can be applied for the case of making your respective or a foreign Educational Institute recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Education whose forms can be obtained from the eGovernment site of Turkey (

Pursuing higher studies in Turkey requires no complex procedure and with the help of an equivalence certificate, it is possible to easily secure an acceptance status in the esteemed Educational Institutions of Turkey.