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Virtual Offices in Turkey

Virtual Offices in Turkey

Virtual Offices in Turkey

“Virtual office” is the concept which offers the lowest standby cost for the corporate identities. Not only by saving on the set-up costs, but you also get to have a prestigious address for your company with a nominal figure. The Concept is comparably new in Turkey and began to spread in the market in the last decade.

Virtual Offices, a General Outlook

Set-up costs and fixed fees are the primary concerns for each and every entrepreneur. Nevertheless, Turkey offers exceptional promises in many fields of work, and it could be vital to absorb the initial fees and costs to earn future’s gold. That’s where virtual offices kick in. Not only by combining all office costs of the tenant under an only invoice, but the virtual offices also enable tax deductions and sustainable office services. Legal fees are only one aspect to the point. Service fees related to security, air ventilation & conditioning, cleaning, basic hot beverage services, reception and so on are all to be included into your rent, which is possibly in an address that gives you a prestige that your start-up most possibly cannot afford on its own.

It is an indisputable fact that comparing to any sharing concept such as serviced or virtual offices, an individual office unit offers perfect privacy. But unlike the prejudices, virtual offices promise nothing less, including all the legal necessities that individual office units offer. Not only by having the prestige of a major blue-chip office building and location, but most packages for virtual offices also offer limited meeting room use for hosting your clients.

Virtual Offices in COVID-19 Pandemic

It is not unknown that many companies from all scales took measures such as working from home. This practice engaged the attention of many companies to virtual offices for their office use. By virtual offices, companies became able to reduce their standby costs dramatically as well as reserving or even elevating the prestige of their corporate address.

Not only private individuals’ start-ups, but a variety of companies including international bodies preferred this concept during this period and the demand to virtual offices seems to increase in time.

Virtual Offices, Cost Saving and Prestige

There are many different packages covering various services for different budgets, so the best course of action to do would be to discuss with serviced and virtual office operators for the best offers they can offer doing the feasibility works for your start-up. It is an inevitable fact that entrepreneurship dictates not only investment but also cost prevention and sustaining fixed costs to reach for a better future in the long run.

Virtual offices are forms of legal and physical services that aim to reduce the entrepreneurs’ start-up and companies’ fixed costs and make you able to focus on your business without worrying about the rest as much as possible. A tenant deal with his or her business while the virtual office operator deals with business’s fixed costs and needs.

Virtual offices are provided by serviced office operators, which leads to a serious experience in services to be provided to the occupier. Welcoming your clients for your meetings and answering services are to be done by these professionals. Not only saving dramatically on your rent but also receiving these services in blue-chip buildings in the central business districts with nominal figures is very appealing.

Virtual Offices, a Tax-Friendly Option

Due to the nature of developments, traditional office units in central business districts begin with app. 225 square meters (gross), therefore their costs may be a bit more then what you may desire. In addition, there is a unique practice in Turkey called “withholding tax”. Developers of these office buildings usually prefer to sell the units to private investors or occupiers. When a company leases an office unit that belongs to a private individual, the tenant to pays 20% of the gross rent amount on behalf of the landlord to landlord’s tax office which makes it not deductible from tenant’s tax debts. This leads to a 25% increase in standby costs. For instance, if your lease agreement dictates 8 TL + Withholding Tax / Month rent, your company needs to pay 6 TL withholding tax quarterly on behalf of the landlord.

On the other hand, a property owned by a company or institution or sub-leased from one, which is an extremely rare case of practise and virtual offices are subject to 18% VAT, which is deductible from tenant’s tax debts; and offers the tenant 25% financial benefit comparing to an individual office unit.

Virtual Office Locations and Standards

Virtual offices offer a variety of packages according to the tenants’ needs and budget. Some offer only an informal address to put on your business card and website, some packages provide a formal address that enables tenants to establish or move their company, some offer limited office use and meeting rooms. You can also lease meeting rooms in your virtual address with hourly extra payment.

As mentioned above, virtual offices are provided by serviced office operators, some of which have a national and global network and experience which is the promising quality of service that is not easy to provide in your individual office and flexible use of these services as well. For instance, some packages of virtual offices enable you to host your clients in different prestigious addresses, even in different cities.

This flexibility of use does not only enable you to use different office locations but a remote office use. Not only e-traders, designers, private agencies but also international bodies prefer various packages of virtual offices for their liaison offices. Many international companies are already global clients of the serviced office operators which makes them the first choice of these bodies.

Virtual Offices Providing Flexible Corporate Solutions

Serviced office providers offer many different packages of virtual offices as given above. But you can also escalate your office use from virtual offices to serviced offices without breaking a sweat as your business expands. This way you will not need to change your formal address, telephone number, even tax office and reserve the prestige of your address.

There are a number of serviced office operators in İstanbul and Turkey. In order to find the best solution for your corporate needs, whether your company is a major blue-chip international body or a humble start-up, it is essential to ask for proper guidance for local solutions. You may prefer a package of virtual offices in a prime office building within the central business districts or more traditional buildings with more reasonable prices or locations outside the central business districts with even more reasonable prices. Proper guidance of a property consultant and virtual office operator’s team will enable you to choose the right option for the right budget.