Open a Travel Agency in Turkey

Open a Travel Agency in Turkey

How can you open a Travel Agency in Turkey?

This article explains; “How to Open a Travel Agency in Turkey” in detail. Turkey, a country located on two continents, is one of the best places to choose as a holiday destination. Throughout its history, Turkey has managed to squeeze the best out of these two vivid cultures. As it is located between Asia and Europe, the country has been regarded as a good site for many business owners who seek to open international businesses. Looking at the archeological sites in the country, a travel agency possessed an excellent option for investment opportunities.

If you are considering opening a travel agency in Turkey, remember to seek advice from an experienced law firm in Turkey.

As the country boasts excellent sea exits, which provides a great pathway to numerous countries, Turkey is undoubtedly becoming a preferred destination for both entrepreneurs seeking to make investments and for tourists worldwide searching for diverse culture and tradition. 

With excellent sites such as the Aegean, Marmara, Mediterranean, and the Black Sea, Turkey has quite a few trading ports which complement the import and export industries. Tukey also boasts a wide range of historical sites and cities enriched with history. Thus, the country has become an excellent spot for opening a travel agency.

If you seek to open a travel agency, then you need to do the registration process with the local office of Trade Register about where the company will operate. This is a mandatory requirement for all types of companies in Turkey, whether incorporated by foreign or local investors.

If you wish to open a travel agency in Turkey, you need to register your travel agency with TURSAB. What is TURSAB you ask?

What is TURSAB?

Turkey Travel Agencies Association, also known as the TURSAB, was commenced by Law No. 1618 on September 28, 1972, as a part of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.1 This establishment is the competent authority for all operations of the legal travel agencies in Turkey.2

TURSAB aims to contribute to the development of the country’s tourism sector. The objectives of this association are to endorse the travel agency profession, buoy up travel agencies to offer paramount service to the public, and contribute to the development of the tourism sector in the country.

TURSAB offers travel agencies a definite service quality by assuming both management and control functions. The establishment has also opened a vocational high school to educate tourism professionals for a better experience.

Now, let’s see how many types of travel agencies are present in Turkey.

Types of Companies to Choose for a Travel Agency in Turkey

As the country has an exciting travel scenario, foreign investors are encouraged to open a travel agency that can offer tourists specific or general tourism packages. The beginning step is to open a Turkey company because you have to choose the appropriate business form. People can either invest in open branches and subsidiaries or open a new company for the travel agency in Turkey.

What follows are types of companies that are available in Turkey:

  • Limited Liability Company,
  • Joint-Stock Company,
  • Commandite Company,
  • Collective Company,


Now, Turkey Travel Agencies are divided into three groups within themselves according to their service departments and capabilities.

Grades of Travel Agency You Can Open in Turkey 

You can set up any activity or travel firm you want to set up in the tourism sector. The industry is regulated through the Travel Agents and Association of Travel Agencies Act no. 1618, dated 14/9/1972.2

To obtain a travel agent license, the aspirant has to obtain an authorization certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey. This is the second step after you have registered the company with the official travel body of Turkey. 

In Turkey, there are three categories of travel agency licenses that can be acquired, and these are:

  • The first is Grade (A) Travel Agencies. They can provide and perform all the services specified in article 1 of Law No. 1618. This service is the most comprehensive one and offers all the touristic services,
  • Grade (B) agencies can sell tickets for international land, sea, and air transportation. They can also sell tickets for tours organized by grade (A) travel agencies,
  • For domestic tours, Grade (C) agencies are used to sell and organize domestic tours for Turkish residents. 


Now, let’s see the steps to open a travel agency in Turkey.

Registering a Travel Agency in Turkey

As mentioned above, you need to select a business form to begin opening a travel agency in Turkey. You will have loads of choices as The Company Law of Turkey provides numerous structures. Among the ones itemized above, the Private Limited Liability Company is widely chosen by local investors and foreign investors.3

To register a travel agency in Turkey, complete the following steps:

  • Choose a trading name that can convey your message about your company and reserve it with the Trade Register,
  • Complete the drafting of the Articles of Association, then notarize and file it to the Trade Register,
  • Now, open the company’s bank account and pledge the share capital by the carefully chosen type of entity,
  • Next, ensure you register your company for taxation purposes and get a VAT number from the tax authorities,
  • Then apply for the necessary licenses and register the company with the Turkish Travel Agents Association.


It’s not mandatory to register your travel agency in Turkey with the Travel Agents Association. However, it’s recommended to give your company the visibility and trust of business partners and clients on the market filled with travel agencies.

Now, you have decided to open a travel agency in Turkey but have no idea about which documents you will need. No worries, here is the list which we have prepared for you below.

Documents You Will Need to Open a Travel Agency in Turkey

What follows are the documents you will need to file with the Ministry of Tourism to obtain a travel agency license in Turkey.

First is an application letter;

  • A declaration document that highlights the registration date of the company and the extract of the Trade Register issuance that proves the travel agent business activity of the company,
  • The Trade Register Certificate containing the authorized signatory of the company,
  • Information about the employed travel agents in the travel agency,
  • The guarantee deposited by the chosen type of license and the Social Security Institution Business Place Code Certificate.
Final Words and Conclusions on; “Opening a Travel Agency in Turkey”

When you are thinking about opening a company in Turkey, then a travel agency is a proper way to start investing and making money. As the country is becoming a real tourism hub, investing in Turkey’s tourism sector is a successful and long-term business opportunity.

Turkey is a country that sits on two continents and has managed to combine the best of both worlds throughout its history. Turkey offers several advantages to business owners who seek to build worldwide businesses due to its strategic location between Europe and Asia. Opening a travel agency in Turkey is a fantastic investment opportunity because the country has so much to offer tourists.