Understanding The Background of Property Consultancy in Turkey

Understanding The Background of Property Consultancy in Turkey

Understanding The Background of Property Consultancy in Turkey

Property consultancy has always been a primary need all around the globe, especially for those coming from other countries. Being in a new country, in which you don’t know the rules and regulations, can be very hard.

Not only finding the right property for your needs and desires but also issues such as; looking into the up to date pricing, signing a bilingual lease agreement (although the Turkish version is always valid according to Turkish civil courts), taking the right property consultancy services for your rent renewal, even finding daily help for simple things such as cleaning or renewing your lock can be solved through the humble property consultant that you will hire.

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What does a Property Consultant Do?

Clients receive property investment advice from property consultants following a thorough examination of market circumstances and trends. They determine the most viable and cost-effective strategy for assisting customers in achieving their goals.

A property consultant’s job is not to take you on a tour in the city for viewings of every single option in the market. On the contrary, after a brief description of your demand, your property consultant should be able to arrange a shortlist of options and save your time and effort.

Giving specific details in regard to your demand to your property consultant is essential. You might be looking for a unit with private security, a normal apartment or residence in a tower, or within a residential compound. It can be furnished or not; or only with white goods. All such details determine the end result of your research and save you time, money, and effort.

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How Much Will I Pay to the Property Consultant in Turkey?

The maximum agency fee that you will need to pay to your property consultant is 12% of the annual rent amount for leasing, and 3% for sales. Of course, these amounts are open to negotiation depending on the market conditions. Any commercial need’s property consultancy would be subject to a formal invoice, which will result in an additional 18% VAT of the agency fee.

Whatever the final fee you may agree on with your property consultant would be, always keep in mind that your property consultant will help you save time and money as long as your dialogue is result-oriented.

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A Property Consultant’s Responsibilities include:
  • Assisting customers in making informed property purchases.
  • Cold-calling, advertising, and business presentations are all effective methods for locating clients in need of consulting services.
  • Identifying the most sought-after and profitable regions by analyzing market trends and demography.
  • Client consultation to determine their requirements, preferences, and financial concerns.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive database of all available properties.
  • Creating ways to boost the value of properties for clients who are wanting to sell.
  • On behalf of clients, conduct discussions with real estate brokers.
  • In order to draft sale and lease contracts, communication with legal counsel.