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The Steps to Follow When Your Residence Permit Is Lost or Stolen

The Steps to Follow When Your Residence Permit Is Lost or Stolen

Is your residence permit lost or stolen? Maybe this is one of the low-key nightmares for any international traveler.
Is it lost or stolen? There is always a way (or more) to solve any problems. Moreover, this kind of issue. What you need to do right now is giving your bits of precious time to focus on this short guide.

There Are Three Steps

1-    Report to the Police Station

This is an official place to go when you lost any of your stuffs in wherever country you stay right now. No exception for your precious residence permit.
Go to the police station immediately. Ask a police report. Tell them that your residence permit is lost or stolen. They will ask you about the details.
What, When, Where, Why, and How. But the “Why” may will be missing if your reason is ‘lost’. Because you do not know why, isn’t it?
However, try to tell the whole thing to the police. Let them know about your problem, so they can understand what your issue and help you.

2-    Go to the Immigration Office

After you get the police report, bring the copy to the immigration police. If you are foreigners in Turkey, visit the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü (Directorate General of Migration Management) office.
Explain your situation. Show them your copy of the police report. It will prove that your claim is valid. Then ask for replacement.
These are what you need if you want to replace your Turkish residence permit.
1. Copy of the police report.
2. Two photos.
Adjust to the residence permit photo requirements.
3. Your passport and a notarized copy of your passport.
It is including the identifying information and photo pages, and the page with the most recent entry stamp.
4. Proof of address document.
It could be notarized accommodation document, hotel reservation confirmation, or the Place of Residence and Other Addresses Document from the Population and Citizenship Directorate.
5. A copy of the residence permit which was lost or stolen.
Bring it if you have one. It seems to be suggested to take a photo or scan your residence permit and save it.
You will pay for ID card fee and a half of the residence permit fee. It varies according to your nationality.

3-    Waiting for Process

Wait until your residence permit replacement application approved. If they accept it, your document will be sent to their Ankara headquarters. They will print the new one.
They will send you the new residence permit via mail based on the address in your document.

Before doing all of those steps, you might contact some immigration experts or visit the Directorate General of Migration Management online website.
On the website, they provide a particular page for peoples to ask about things that related to