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The Major Reasons of Divorce in Turkey

The Major Reasons of Divorce in Turkey

Turkey is the country with one of the highest Muslim populations in the world. Turkey is the dominating Muslim country, with secular laws. The divorce rate in Turkey is lower than in many Western countries. Overall, a 22% divorce rate has been recorded in Turkey for the past few years. For every thousand marriages, only 1.46 go for divorce. Globally Turkey is a country with quite a low divorce rate. Turkey has been ranked on number 9, in 10 countries with the lowest divorce rate

Is the Divorce Rate in Turkey Has Been Increased?

It has been witnessed from the past 10 years, that there is a dramatic increase in the divorce rate in Turkey. 82% increase in the divorce rate has been recorded as compared to the past decade in Turkey. In Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir the highest number of prosecutions has been heard last year.

62% of divorced cases were opened in Istanbul and 47% were in the capital of Turkey. The highest number of child custody cases, divorce-related, belonging return, property claim, or return has been recorded from the year 2006 to 2016. In 2016 domestic court received 386,550 applicants, which is quite a huge number compared to previous years

The Divorce Rate In 2019

The divorce rate in 2019, followed the past decade trend and kept on rising as the past decade. According to a report published by Turkish statistical Institute (Turkstate). The number of people who got divorced in 2019 is greater than the previous year. The other fact which has been encountered in 2019, is that fewer people tied their knots as compared to 2018, Overall, 23% of the fall in marriage rate is encountered in 2019.

It Has Been Recorded for 2019 that 155,047 Couples Got Divorced. The Number of 1.84 Per 1000 People Got Divorced. The number of Turkish couples who got divorced rose to 125,305 in 2013, an increase of 1.6 percent on the previous year, a recent report by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) showed.

The report also revealed that 40.3 percent of divorces occur in the first five years of marriage, while 21.5 percent occurred between six and 10 years. Antalya province has shown the highest divorce rate with 2.7% last year. It was followed by Izmir with 2.68 percent and Mugla with a 2.51 % divorce rate. The province with the lowest divorce rate was Hakkari in the East Anatolia Region.

The Major Reasons of Divorce in Turkey

Individualism is another reason for the massive increase in the divorce rate. Actually, the prime structure of eastern society has been changing and the couple hardly wants to lose their freedom for any relation.

Lack of fundamental principles, such as care, respect, patience, and tolerance are some other reasons behind marriage. It has also been observed couples with the child are more likely to run their marriages as compare to those who don’t have.