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The Important Things You Need To Know About Turkish Culture

The Important Things You Need To Know About Turkish Culture

The present-day Turkey is the remnant of the Ottoman Empire. The culture of Turkey has undergone a sea change in the last century. It is the only country that boasts of a mixed culture of  Eastern and Western world.

During the early Ottoman rule, there were multiple ethnic tribes in the country. But they were not allowed to mingle with each other. So, that they can keep their religious and ethnic ideas to their individual tribes.

However, with the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the republic of Turkey ensured that all cultures of the country come under the same umbrella irrespective of their ethnicity. The aim was to produce a single unified cultural and national identity for the country and its people.

The Traditional Clothing of Turkey

Women’s most common attire in Turkey is a pair of baggy trousers which are also known as the Turkish Salvar along with a robe or a dress or even a long skirt. They also don head dress or scarves along with shirts and jackets paired with a wide belt.

The Language of Turkey

The official language of Turkey is Turkish and it is also followed by Cyprus. Most of the ethnic people of Turkey speak in Turkish. The other languages that are also spoken in Turkey widely are Arabic and Kurdish.

The Customs and Etiquette of Turkey

The general Turks are extremely hospitable people. They are true gentlemen and known for their extremely polite and friendly nature. If you do plan to visit Turkey and happen to get invited into a family dinner, make sure to carry a small gift with you. Alcohol is a strict no-no as several Turks do not drink due to their Islamic faith. You can instead carry flowers and chocolates. The family will also appreciate if you carry some souvenirs from your home country.

Turkey is a wonderful place to be. There are beautiful locations to visit that will remain etched in your memory forever.