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How Does It Feel Like Being a Christian In Turkey?

How Does It Feel Like Being a Christian In Turkey?

Turkey is a wonderful and unique country. It is an amazing blend of tradition and modernity that many find awe-inspiring. People around the world know about the scenic beauty of Turkey, most are unaware of its rich history. Indeed, the locales of Turkey are breath-taking but it is not the only remarkable thing about the country. Did you know that Turkey is the only secular Muslim majority country in the world?
While 80 per cent of the population of Turkey follows Islam, there are also other religion followers such as Christians and Jews.

What Is It Like Following Christianity in Turkey?

Christianity in Turkey has been there for a long time. There are presently only about a few thousand who follow this religion in Turkey. However, they follow their religion safely and peacefully. Most Turkish Christians live around Istanbul and Antakya. Christmas is a quiet affair but nevertheless celebrated well by these minority Turks. You will find quite a number of places in the main cities where stores, restaurants and homes deck up during Christmas.
The Hagia Sophia is a well-known destination for both Muslims and Christians alike. There are also a number of beautiful Churches around the country. If the history of Christianity is a subject that fascinates you, Turkey is a must-visit for you. The history of the religion in the country dates back centuries, even before the Ottomans, and is captivating, to say the least.

A Country for All

Turkey is truly a country for all, irrespective of caste, religion or nationality. As a tourist, you will be the guest of the country and will be welcomed with open arms and heart. You will find this country peaceful, friendly and very safe for travelers. The constitution of Turkey protects the right to religion for all citizens of the country, making it one of the safest in the world. Visit the country and see for yourself how amazing it truly is.