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Set Up a Company in the FMCG Sector in Turkey

Set Up a Company in the FMCG Sector in Turkey

If you want to set up a company in the FMCG sector in Turkey, you have to become familiar with the country and the whole process of opening a company. For years now, Turkey is Europe’s largest trading partner when it comes to foodstuff and other FMCG products. which enter the category of fast-moving consumer goods, particularly known as the FMCG industry. This sector is contributing the most to the economy in Europe.

Foreign investors are curious about starting a business in the entire EU, especially in Turkey. They are invited to contemplate the FMCG industry, which offers many opportunities. For opening a company in the FMCG sector in Turkey, there are certain regulations that you need to follow to correctly register your company as well as to continue practicing your business. This information will provide you different requirements in brief so you can learn how to set up a company in the FMCG sector in Turkey.

Why set up a company in the FMCG Sector in Turkey

Fast-moving consumer goods are one of the most thrilling sectors to work with! This sector welcomes various and active individuals. The FMCG alone is active and continually growing. After reading this blog, you will surely get involved in FMCG, and you will enjoy guaranteed success and gain experience very quickly.

With growing positive consumer trust and a record turnover in several countries, Turkey’s FMCG & retail space is once again set to lead. With its highly developed transport and technology framework, easy access to a large number of various markets, as well as the large and different consumer base, it’s no wonder the European market is good looking to multinational businesses.

Turkey has a lot more to offer to its residents and investors who plan on establishing their headquarters or offices in the nation. So before you learn how to open a Company in the FMCG sector in Turkey, let’s first learn about the different types of consulting companies.

Various types of company in the FMCG Sector in Turkey

Following are some of the common types of companies in the FMCG sector in Turkey:

Food & Beverages FMCG Sector in Turkey

The global crisis has changed the field of online FMCG sold in entire Europe, especially in the food sector. In a global comparison, the food and drink industry ranks first in terms of turnover in turkey. Europe is the largest trader of food and drink products in the world. In 2014, EU exports reached €92 billion. With a record export performance and a growing positive trade balance in recent years, this industry has shown that it is dedicated to delivering safe, high-quality food worldwide. So now is the perfect time to try your luck in this industry in turkey.

Beauty & Cosmetics FMCG Sector in Turkey

The cosmetics and personal care industry provides you scientific guidance and a highly creative sector that makes large investments. There is an assumption that the cosmetics and personal care industry brings more than 20 billion euros in added value to the country’s economy each year. Therefore, beauty & cosmetics actively plays a key role in the increase of the total net yield and exports of the FMCG sector in turkey.

Fashion & Apparel FMCG Sector in Turkey

Europe is home to some of the most profitable markets for apparel and clothing worldwide. Among the leading European countries, Turkey’s clothing industry has one of the highest value, amounting to billions of U.S. dollars. Open such a company to learn about various ways you can maximize your capital investment.

E-commerce FMCG Sector in Turkey

E-commerce in Turkey is changing the global retail market. As E-commerce geographically continues to mature within the European market, we predict private labels gaining a second wind of growth. Particularly within discount retailers in Europe, store brands have hit a highland.

Homewares & Design FMCG Sector in Turkey

The Europe Home Decor Market would witness market growth during the forecast period. Home decoration refers to the arts and science of making an interior space more attractive and functionally useful for its population. Anyone who has ever decorated home has taken part in the interior design industry. you can try your luck in this field to gain some benefits.

Pharmaceuticals FMCG Sector in Turkey

Large, different, and global, the Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the most competitive sectors in Turkey. Thousands of people work directly in the pharma industry in Turkey, so basically it indirectly generates three to four times more employment. Drug prices are regulated and vary among the countries.

The requirement to open a company in the FMCG Sector in Turkey

The company registration process for the FMCG business is the same as the other types of companies in turkey. Turkish lawyers will help to select the right type of entity and register it with the Trade Register. Earlier to the registration, the preparation of a set of documents and choosing a trading name are required. Turkey has allowed various rules for those selling or buying FMCG products in Turkey.

Licenses required to sell FMCG sector in Turkey

After the company registration process is completed, to start a company in the FMCG sector in Turkey, you must own a license. With these, a trade license is required. Considering most of the products forming the FMCG sector in Turkey are agricultural goods, special licenses for growing and selling these products are required. As well, import and export licenses are necessary in case FMCG goods are certain for trading.

For full information on how to establish a company in the FMCG sector in turkey, please visit the Turkish Trade Registry website.

Final words

To set up an organization within the FMCG sector in Turkey pays off nicely. After you’ve opened your own FMCG Company, which will sufficiently serve your business well for several years. Your investment can further earn you various other kinds of benefits. To open an organization within the FMCG sector in Turkey, it will be ideal for you to hire a skilled legal professional to carefully assist you with the whole registration process.