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Investment Opportunities in Turkey’s Real Estate Sector

Investment Opportunities in Turkey’s Real Estate Sector

For the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) rule of Turkey, Turkey is fairly popular among international investors for its high-profit return on investment. Investors with more than $146K investment are encouraged by the government and have given some special advantages that allow foreign investors to invest in the Real Estate Sector with many additional benefits that only add more and more profit on their investment.

Real Estate Opportunities

The investment opportunity in the real estate sector is maximum in Turkey for its high demand. Turkey grabbed the 2nd rank in terms of economic growth in European countries so the population of Turks has a large market in various sectors that are thriving more young Turks population to purchase new properties and giving the real estate market a boost.

Which City Has The Most Real Estate Investments in Turkey?

Istanbul attracted most real estate investment in the Real Estate Sector from the last decade for its good infrastructure, skilled workforce and obviously there was a high demand for accommodation and the demand is still there. This is why Turkey became a safe haven for foreign investors to invest in real estate. Another reason why Turkey’s real estate sector is so popular for foreign investment is obviously the Profit margin. Foreign investors who invested in the Real estate sector always gained profit and most of the time the profit percentage is higher than any other investments. You will be surprised to know that many times the profit margin is as high as 150% of the initial capital investment.

Simple Investment Processes

Turkish Lira fluctuates and the transaction of properties in Turkey is always made in Turkish Lira, so for foreign investors, it’s a golden opportunity. Also, there are many laws that made the whole process very simple yet profitable for foreign investors to invest in real estate in Turkey. Although profit margin depends on the property, there is no foreign investor to date who hasn’t gained profit in Turkey’s real estate sector. So invest wisely in real estate.