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Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Turkey?

Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Turkey?

To understand if it is a good idea to invest in Turkey one first must understand the factors of investment in Turkey, who invests in Turkey, and why they invest? First, it is important to know what are the reasons that people invest in Turkey.

Who Invests in Turkey?

In general, from all over the world the foreign investors invest in Turkey and it is not a very recent trend. After 2003, Turkey has attracted foreign investors in such a way that gradually it becomes the hub of foreign investment. One statistical data will say everything, only in 2019 the total foreign investment was about $12.4 billion! Within these investment amounts, there are many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who invested comparatively small amounts. This whole investment is diversified in many sectors. Many of these are already a brand name in their native place and started a new venture(s) in Turkey, many are really new.

Why Investors Invest in Turkey?

There are many reasons that many experienced and new investors invest their hard-earned money in Turkey not only in recent times, in fact, but foreign investors have also been investing in Turkey since 2003. The main reasons are as follows;

The FDI Policy

One of the most important reasons that foreign investors are attracted to Turkey is certainly the investors friendly FDI rule of Turkey. This rule ensures that investors don’t face any problem during or after investment, this builds lots of trust within investors.

The Rate of Profit Return

For any investor, the return in investment is a vital factor and here Turkey gets the number one position with the highest return (sometimes as high as 150% of the invested value). The steady and high growth in almost all sectors made the investors happy to date.

The Tremendous Growth in The Economy

Turkey has a very strong economy that has seen steady growth in the last 15 years. Turkey tripled its GDP only in 14 years as it became the newly industrialized country.

Market Size with High Demand

As a newly industrialized nation, it has a large market demand that is needed to be fulfilled. Again, with the highest population in Europe, all the business sectors will continue to grow and investors have seen this market.


The strategic location of Turkey attracted investors. Turkey belongs to Asia, the Middle East, and Europe so that made Turkey a gateway to all the regions for different activities.


There are many other reasons that investors choose Turkey to invest. It has a highly efficient young workforce, great infrastructures, communications, social and political stability, and all that is needed to run a business successfully. Above all Turkey has great potential to grow in the future.

For anyone who has any dilemma in investing in Turkey, we can assure there is no risk in investing in Turkey. It is good to invest in Turkey if you know your business well.