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Incentives Drive Growth into The Real Estate Sector of Turkey

Incentives Drive Growth into The Real Estate Sector of Turkey

Since 2005, Turkey has received more than US$ 203 billion investment from foreign investors through FDI. One very popular sector for investment among foreign people certainly the real estate sector. Just in 2019, almost 1.35 million houses are sold to foreigners in Turkey, 14.7% more than the previous year.

Reasons Behind These Incentives’ Growth

This incentive growth is not all of a sudden. In fact, the Turkish real estate market is a favourite point of investment for foreigners since 2010. There are certainly many reasons that promoted the growth in real estate sector

High Return on Investment

Over the past decade, the real estate sector has seen very steady growth with very high returns on investment. This steady high return attracted more investment towards this sector.

Easily Available Citizenship

Any foreigner who buys property in Turkey gets instant citizenship with a bunch of more facilities. This also helps all the foreigners to live in Turkey without any judicial and legal issues.

Favourable Investment Situation

Turkey provides very favourable investment opportunities to foreign investors. Turkey offers large emerging markets. Turkey gives low operating costs, a highly efficient young workforce with great growth potential. All these factors make Turkey one most favourable real estate markets for foreigners.

Favourable Investment Laws

Turkey offers the most favourable laws for foreign investors through various different laws and policies. Turkey gave an effort to provide the most comfortable environment for foreign investors and successfully did it. There are many such benefits for foreign investors. As an example, there is no double taxation system; as a taxpayer, you are similarly treated like a Turkish citizen! Most of the laws in Turkey here provide full protection to foreign investors.

Social and Political Stability

Turkey is a favourite real estate market also because unlike other European countries Turkey is now a stable country both socially and politically.

Benefits of Investing in the Real Estate Market in Turkey

Actually, buying properties in any form is always a winning decision. There are many benefits of investing in real estate that’s why foreign investors prefer this place

Great Deal with Great Value

Turkey’s real estate market offers great lands, buildings, different kinds of properties, etc. in a very inexpensive manner. The price of the real estate market in Turkey is comparatively cheaper than any other country of Europe or even the United States. The low cost of living helps foreign investors to settle down easily.

Full Ownership

Turkey allows foreign investors the full ownership of any real estate investment. This gives more freedom and flexibility to the investors in their investment.

All the above reasons play a role in Turkey for incentives to drive into the real estate market. Therefore, even after COVID-19 pandemic foreign investors are relying on the Turkey real estate sector. There are many lucrative projects and winning offers for foreign investors to know that can be discussed on a personal level. So, if you want to invest in the real estate sector, we are just a call away.