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Divorce in Turkey: Is It Common?

Divorce in Turkey: Is It Common?

In this era, divorce is seen as a common thing in Turkey. You can acknowledge it when you see that the divorce rates are rising until right now. Connected to the modernization processes and exposure of Western value, Turkish family life has changed as needed. Age at marriage increased, gender roles became more egalitarian, and the prevalence of patriarchal extended families declined. Thus, attitudes toward divorce became more tolerant.

How Common is Divorce in Turkey?

According to the research by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) in 2019, people in Turkey become less to got married while more to get divorced compared to the previous year. They stated, the number of couples who got married in 2018 versus 2019, show a decrease of 2.3%. Whereas the number of marriages per thousand population (the crude marriage rate) also shows a down, 0.681% in 2018 to 0.656% in 2019.
The total couples who got divorced in 2018 are climbing 8% year-on-year, with 37.6 percent of divorces occurred in the first five years of marriage, and 20.4 percent of divorces occurred in the marriages with the duration of 6-10 years. While in 2019, the crude divorce rate was 18.8 %.

The Most Common Region for in Turkey

Izmir (Aegean’s biggest city) becomes the province with the highest crude divorce rate in Turkey. It was followed by the Agean province of Muğla and the Mediterranean province of Antalya. The southeastern province of Hakkari becomes the lowest crude divorce rate. Followed by two other southeastern provinces: Şırnak and Siirt.

The Factors of Divorce in Turkey

The rise of divorce rates has been a continuing trend in recent years. The factor itself can be caused by some marriage issues. It can be a form of unhappy life, irreconcilable differences of the spouses, until abusive actions. For the information, domestic violence is often used as a leading reason by Turkish women seeking a divorce. The women more realized their rights because most of them can get higher education now.
Divorce is common between the people from the upper-middle class  which both men and women work and earn decent salaries. However, we will see how this thing is seen in the future. Sure, we always hope for every married couple to have a happy and blessing family.