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Celebrating Christmas and New Year in Turkey

Celebrating Christmas and New Year in Turkey

Have you ever considered spending Christmas in a different country just to see how they celebrate this merry festival? Turkey is one of the countries that is a must-visit during this time of the year. Turkey is a country that has a lot of expat population and while Christmas is not holiday time for most, it is celebrated by these communities. Indeed, most Turkish people do not celebrate Christmas but they do ring in the new year in style. Turkey also turns into a winter wonderland during this season, which is a treat to the eye.

Celebrating Christmas and New Year in Turkey

You would find that cities like Istanbul and Antalya have places that deck up during Christmas and there is festivity in the air. Restaurants serve turkey as well as other famous Christmas delicacies and shops are decorated with baubles too. You can go out, party and have a gala time celebrating Christmas in this country. The commercialisation that is so common elsewhere is missing in Turkey. But the spirit of the festival is there completely.

Turkish people sure know how to party and the New Year’s Eve is a crazy time in Turkey. There are stunning fireworks and countdown organised in some areas and in others, people follow some unique traditions. Some such traditions might seem bizarre to outsiders but they are part of Turkish culture. You can party all night, watch the fireworks or you can quietly welcome the new year in the company of your Turkish friends.

Depending on how you like to spend your Christmas and ring in the new year, Turkey will surely have something for you.

Visit Turkey for an Amazing Time

If you book early, you might find yourself a good Christmas and new year offer in Turkey. So why not plan and experience the festivities in a new country this time? The memories will surely be well worth it. If not anything else, you can enjoy this merry time surrounded by the beauty of this amazing country and its super friendly people.