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3 Ways to Pay Your Residence Permit Application

3 Ways to Pay Your Residence Permit Application

You have applied for residence permit through online application. Already provided all the requirement documents. But then how about the payment? Surely there are some options about how to pay your residence permit fees.
Here we will show you some ways to choose.

Pay on the Appointment Date

After filled out the form and completing all the must-uploaded documents in the E-Ikamet Online Application (, you will get the appointment date. This date shows you the day you should go to the iResidence Office (Foreigners Residence Services- near your address.
The foreigners who want to attend the appointment need to bring all the document they have uploaded on the online application. It must be the same. The foreigners shall be interviewed. And all of their document’s validity will be checked by the officer there.
After this step, if you haven’t paid for the fee yet, this is the time. According to some sources, the fee will depend on the applicants’ age and how long they will stay in Turkey. However, when this is their first time to apply, it will include ID card fee. In 2020, the card costs 110 TL.
You can just pay it in the iResidence office on your appointment date.

Pay at the Tax Office

After printing-out the online application form, they will show you how much you need to pay. But did you know? The online tax payment system there can make you gain a higher fee.
You can still save fairly enough money and do not have to pay the whole fee if you have a tax number.
You just need to go to the tax office depends on where you live. Bring your passport with the copy of picture/essential information page and entry visa page in the passport. The cost is free. It is expected to finish in less than one hour.
After you get the tax number, you can pay the residence permit fee in there either. Just make sure to bring your completed residence permit application. Say to them that you want to pay for residence permit application fees.
Give it to the clerk and get two payment receipt: one will be sent to the Immigration Office, and the other one will be your record.

Pay Using Credit/Debit Card

When you want to pay the fee immediately, this option will be quite helpful. After you see the amount of cost on the online application, you can pay it right away using bank service. It can be either credit card or debit card.
The foreigners do not need to include the payment receipt in their application if they pay the fee using the online system.