How Can You Use Public Transport in Turkey?

How Can You Use Public Transport in Turkey?

How Can You Use Public Transport in Turkey?

The best way to get around is to use public transport in Turkey, as virtually the whole of the country is well covered by it. Be it long-distance buses, domestic flights, mini-buses, ferries, trams, or metro, which conveniently cover the tourist areas.

Buses have maps inside them and the stops are announcing verbally. Still, you need to be alert and watch for your station. Metro is also one of the cheapest and reasonable options to get around the cities. Public transport in Turkey is also used to get to cities from airports. Turkey has a wide range of public transportation coverage.

Bus Service: The Best Option to Travel in Turkey

Bus travel is the easiest and the most preferred option in entire Turkey. It is the most effective public transport type, with routes running throughout the entire country. Long-distance buses are a significant part of the Turkish travel experience, despite facing competition from domestic flights.

You can get tickets from cities as well as from the bus station as companies have their ticket booths stationed almost everywhere.

Terrific Train Service: Easy Way to Reach Provincial Area

Turkey’s train network is run by the Turkish State Railways and is said to be the best option for you if you want to travel to the provincial area of the country. You can reach cities such as; Adana, Kayseri, Erzurum, Kars, and Diyarbakir from Ankara and Istanbul.

If you want to buy tickets, then do it in advance and try to obtain tickets from a reputable travel agency in Turkey. Also, you can buy tickets from the train stations but they can be sold out.

Other Cheap Options For Public Transport in Turkey

Minibusses: A useful alternative to the local bus services, minibusses are one of the best options for people. They run on the standard routes and the front screen of the vehicle features the route. They are smaller than normal busses but they are most likely to go on the same route.

Taxis: Although it’s not a means of public transport, some people prefer it. If you want to get to a designated place, then you should go for taxis as they have plentiful stops. You have to pay according to the onboard meter. Common prices for intercity journeys are posted at the taxi stops. You can also make a special deal with the taxi driver.

Metrobus (Istanbul): Metrobus is a new concept in Turkey. It’s a bus in essence but has a separate road and doesn’t mix with the traffic. It has a long route and stops at every major designation.

If you want to travel around the country, then take public transport and enjoy the land of four seasons. The country is full of beautiful landmarks and natural beauty and getting around with public transport in Turkey will help you enjoy the country more.