Planning a Marriage Ceremony in Turkey

Planning a Marriage Ceremony in Turkey

Planning a Marriage Ceremony in Turkey

Turkey is truly a mesmerizing wedding destination with a great difference from other countries. If you are the one who is planning to get married in this fascinating country, you are making one of the best memorable decisions for your big day. Are you planning a marriage ceremony in Turkey? Then you are at the right place.

Marriage is a bond that has endured from the beginning of time and significantly impacts human existence and civilization. Marriage, as a word, refers to the ongoing connection of a woman and a man as a married couple in all aspects of life, as a wife and husband. It is the basis of the family, which is the cornerstone of society and has global significance. The marriage act includes specific laws and patterns that vary by country, are influenced by various civilizations, and include traditions and rituals that characterize a community.

Romantic Places For Wedding Ceremonies in Turkey

A unique combination of European and Asian inspirations, the romantic Istanbul and the splendid beach of Oludeniz, ensure to make your wedding in Turkey a wedding with a difference. You have the freedom to get married anywhere in Turkey, thus, making it a perfect destination for foreigners who want to break with tradition.

Whether you are looking for a civil or religious ceremony (but the only civil wedding is recognized in Turkey for foreigners), Turkey offers various exotic and truly stunning places to enjoy an unforgettable wedding experience. But at the same time, being foreign nationals, it is advised to plan your budget when planning a destination wedding in Turkey.

How Much Does a Wedding Cost in Turkey?

  • The wedding expenses in Turkey will cost you an average of 25 euros to 50 euros per person,
  • The average cost of wedding decoration packages for 100 people would be around 2,000 euros — 20,000 euros, depending on your choices,
  • The average cost of a wedding venue’s dinner cost would be around 50 euros to 250 euros per person,
  • The average cost of the bridal preparation process will be approximately 1,000 euros to 4,000 euros,


These average costs depend on what destination and venue you have selected for your wedding in Turkey.

Best Places For Wedding Ceremonies in Turkey

The best places to perform a wedding ceremony in Turkey are; Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya, and Bodrum. Many foreigners prefer Istanbul as this destination is easy to reach with just one flight from any corner of the world. At the same time, other places are well-connected to Istanbul with several flights and offer great venues and different backdrops.

Taking the help of a professional wedding planner can help perfectly organize everything, especially when you have not visited Turkey before or looking for a wedding celebration with your specified budget. Moreover, the professional knows everything about the wedding destination, suppliers, speaks the local language, and is completely familiar with the customs of Turkey.

Before anything, simply set your budget for a wedding in Turkey, hire a professional, and have a stress-free arrangement for your wedding without going out of your pocket.

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