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How Are The Social Activities in Turkey?

How Are The Social Activities in Turkey?

es of a country primarily concerned with the social system trending in the country.

Istanbul is a prominent city of Turkey and has been known for its magnificent history and culture. Istanbul is home to 15 million people. Istanbul has been served home to Byzantine and the great Ottoman Empire for centuries. Istanbul itself describes the culture and trend of these two empires.

Usually, ex-pats hit Istanbul in a big number to encounter historical and cultural wonder. The city located in the conjunction of east-west has each type of life, European and eastern type.

Social Activities in Istanbul

•    International music events
•    International sport events
•    Art or Literary Festivals

Istanbul is the central hub for sports activities and most event held in Istanbul districts Taksim, Beşiktaş, Levent, Karaköy, and Kadıköy. Soccer is favorite in Turkey and ottoman oil wrestling is still famous and people enjoyed the competition still. Ab oil wrestling competition held each year in Istanbul since from the time of the Ottoman Empire.

Social Activities for Families

Most of the activities are for adults, but still, some can be entertained and enjoyed as a whole family with your kids. There are two major aquariums on the European side of Istanbul. These aquariums allow an ex-pat to involve their family in socializing with other families and kids.

During the 20th century, western literature, art, and music has pretended to be a part of Turkish culture. That false dominance over original culture left a serious mark on the social life and still running.

Western-style theaters, orchestras, and opera companies are thriving, while the popular arts also flourishing. Folk ballads and traditional forms in music are also very famous among Turkish people.

Folk instruments include drums, trumpets, flutes, tambourines, viols, and cymbals. Popular drama includes shadow plays, performed by puppets reflected on a linen screen, and the orta oyunu, a type of improvised comedy. Popular traditional literature takes the form of narrative (hikâye) and poetry (siir), recited by minstrels known as âşıks. Turkish contemporary literature was the focus of wide international regard when Orhan Pamuk, an acclaimed Turkish novelist, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006.

There are archaeological museums in Ankara, which give an insight of the past civilization and cultural trends to their visitors. Most popular social events are music festivals, nightlife events, sport, and outdoor events, cultural festivals, national and religious festivals, lifestyle events, wonderful Turkish festivals, and more.

As a country hosting millions of people, Turkey has to enliven up the days and nights of its beloved residents with various events and festivals. Also, festivals give a chance to learn more about the religious feasts and national festivals that unique to Turkey.

Some Major Events of Turkey

World Food Istanbul: World Food Istanbul is the largest food and drink exhibition in Turkey. World Food Istanbul has been the trusted route to market, reflecting the trends of the industry, initiating international cooperation

Konya Agriculture Fair (Konya Agri) Konya International agriculture, agricultural mechanization and field technologies fair

PETZOO Antalya – Mediterranean Pet Products Exhibition in Antalya, International pet products, Istanbul Toy Fair Tradeshow Baby, Kids & Maternity materials and accessories suppliers’ exhibition in Turkey.

Beauty & Wellness Show (Bakırkoy) The Beauty & Wellness Show will feature more than 400 brands in the field of cosmetics, beauty, and health. It will also include new products and application techniques for beauty, youth and slimming

Tradeshow Fashion & Beauty Wellness, Health & Fitness

Mersin Mother, Baby and Child Fair (Mersin) Mersin Mother, Baby, and Child Fair will showcase baby carriages, car seats, and accessories, baby and kids clothing and accessories, B midwives and children’s shoes, maternity and maternity wear, underwear.

A Glimpse of Religious Life and Social Activities

The collective dinner table is one of the traditional and primary foundations of Turkish culture and tradition that epitomizes togetherness and unity. In the base of these collective dinners table comes the family dinner table, which symbolizes unity, solidarity and it’s important for the family to come together at this table.

Religious celebrations and events are another major part of Turkish social life. Bayram celebration, iftar the time to break the fast in the month of Ramazan. After 30 days of fasting, a big event of eid ul fitar has been celebrated with immense pleasure and respect. Eid –ul azha is another big religious event.

Celebration on the most important occasions are common in communities such as wedding ceremonies, the key factor about the celebration or social event is the dinner table and food offered served during dinner. Especially in Anatolian culture, certain types of food are associated with certain types of celebrations. “Güllaç” (Starch wafers soaked in milk syrup and layered with walnuts) for  Ramadan, “keşkek” (slow-cooked, pounded wheat with lamb) for weddings, “zerde” (saffron-infused rice pudding) for circumcision feasts, and “kavurma” (sautéed beef or lamb in its fat) prepared for the sacrifice holiday are some examples of these occasion-specific foods. Especially in the Anatolian culture, preparing these feasts by way of “imece” which means, everybody taking place in the celebration gives a hand with preparations. This collective effort gives food and social life concept a different dimension.

In general, Turkey is a blend of eastern and western cultural, social activities are the true reflex of these blends.