Changing the Address on Your Valid Residence Permit in Turkey

Changing the Address on Your Valid Residence Permit in Turkey

Changing The Address on Your Valid Residence Permit in Turkey

It is so exciting to move to a new address, you may get a whole new vibe compared to your previous house. Does this mean new friends, new neighbors, and a new environment, maybe? But, if so, what do you need to do when you change your address? Do you have this same situation as a foreigner right now? In this article, we are going to talk about changing the address on your valid residence permit in Turkey.

Visa vs Residence Permit

Essentially, two things can keep you in a foreign country, that is a visa or a residence permit. A visa is for travelers who just want to make a good memory in a short time in the country. It keeps you there for a maximum of 90 days (this duration may vary depending on which country you are in).

On the other hand, a residence permit is used for foreigners who wish to stay longer there. One year, three years, five years, or even forever (permanent residence permit in Turkey), whatever the purpose. Both contain information about your identity. But now, we want to focus on the longer one: residence permit in Turkey.

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Residence Permit ID Card

Red is the color you will see on a residence permit in Turkey. The size is the same as a common identity card (ID). In the top left corner, there is one circle with a Turkish flag in it. What is the information they have on this ID card?

On the front page, there are a foreigner’s ID number, name, date of birth, nationality, serial code, and the foreigner’s photo. Then on the back page, there are types of residence permit(s), date of issue, valid from – valid until, and the province of residence.

Changing The Address on The Residence Permit ID Card

According to the brief explanation above, you know that the card contains the province name where you lived/living. But, what if a foreigner decides to move to another province in Turkey? We need to do something to fix this one issue, don’t we?

You need to deal with the local authorities for any administrative formalities like this. After the foreigner moves to his or her new house in the new province, he or she is required to visit the Directorate General of Migration Management branch office in the new province. You must file an application within twenty (20) business days for a new residence permit in Turkey. To verify that your claim is valid, you will need to provide proof of your new address.

It can be a rental contract, mortgage statement, real estate deed, and so on.  If the type of residence permit in Turkey you are applying for remains the same, you do not have to pay for it again. The new residence permit in Turkey will be issued to you.

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