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Can I Live Permanently in Turkey?

Can I Live Permanently in Turkey?

Being a center of attraction on several levels, Turkey attracts people from all around the world to be part of the country permanently. Living in Turkey does require some rules and procedures, especially if you want to live permanently in the country.

To get permanent residency in Turkey, you either need to own a property or start your business in Turkey. Though the process of permanent residency is quite straightforward, still it is advised to proceed further under the guidance of a professional.

How to Apply for Permanent Resident or Citizenship In Turkey

If you are a foreigner and want to live permanently in Turkey, you need to apply for a Residence Permit. For this, you are required to show that you have sufficient finance to make your living in the country. If you want to take your dependents, like spouse and dependent kids) with you to Turkey, they may need to apply for a family visa after your residence permit will get approved.

Once you get this permit, you are eligible to live in Turkey for a maximum 2 years, this can be extended too. Also, you have to stay for at least 84 days a year. Once you live legally for 8 years in Turkey, you may be entitled to apply for a permanent residence permit. In order to acquire this permit, you must not have any kind of social help from Turkish institutions in the last 3 years, must have no criminal record as well as must-have justifiable financial resources.

Alternatively, you may also be eligible to apply for citizenship in Turkey, if you live in Turkey for more than 6 months without any interruption after 5 years of getting your legal residency. In addition to the eligibility criteria for permanent residence in the country, you must have to attend an interview in Turkish to prove your ability to speak Turkey’s national language.

Additional Points You Must Know

You must also know that once you get a permanent residency permit, it does not mean you are allowed to work legally in Turkey. You have to follow certain procedures to get a working permit in Turkey.

Also, what encourages foreigners and expats to apply for permanent living in Turkey is the dual citizenship recognition in the country. You can become a citizen of Turkey without rejecting your previous nationality.