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Business Life in Turkey

Business Life in Turkey

Business life in Turkey has been progressing in leaps and bounds in various sectors which is ultimately growing their economy with each passing year. In this article you will understand business life in Turkey in its fullest sense.

Business Life in Turkey

The growing infrastructure and development across various parts of the country have also made the real estate sector expand multi fold which directly allows more companies to base their centers in Turkey to benefit from a larger consumer base.

The Turkish Business Life

Business life in Turkey has certain key points about it whichs Living in Turkey is a great choice for employees and foreign investors alike when we also consider that the cost of living is low in Turkey aside from all the advancements. hould be known by everyone even though they aren’t hugely different from that of those countries surrounding the Mediterranean.

Power Structure in Business

The workplace will often be traditional where the business is run by members of the family both young and old at ascending positions of value respectively. Thus you should be courteous and sincere to all the people in the workplace.

Business Life in Turkey – A Bargaining Culture

Bargaining is common in Turkish bazaars and when you’re asked or requested for a bargain by Turkish colleagues and partners then you must be at least willing to negotiate prices and terms.

Timeliness & Attire Ethics Is Crucial

Business meetings should be arranged in advance and are also discussed over dinner so arriving at both places on time is a must. Also, make sure that in a working environment you are dressed appropriately to look presentable at the least.

Meetings Are Sometimes Cordial

Business meetings might include an introductory small talk at the start and could be longer overall so paying attention is important as is greeting the senior members first in the room before approaching younger members.

Sensitive Topics of Conversation to Avoid

Although Turkish people are friendly and you might see culturally diverse people from around the world in the same workplace, discussing politics, religion, sexual orientation, and so on are a strict now and should be avoided.

Business Life in Turkey – Working Hours

Opposed to the work time of approximately 40 hours per week in most countries, Turkey observes 49 hours per week of work time which means it might be harder to adjust initially but adapting to it gradually is possible.

Absence of Discrimination

Turkish people are kind, hospitable, and accepting, therefore, they do not differentiate between people based on their ethnicity, color, etc.

No Bribery

Bribery is not welcomed culturally by Turkish people and is subjected to serious penalties thus avoid it altogether.

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