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Applying For A Trademark: Reasons & Things That Cannot Be

Applying For A Trademark: Reasons & Things That Cannot Be

Applying For A Trademark: Reasons & Things That Cannot Be

Trademark became a necessity. People or companies want to protect their brand distinctiveness. No one is willing to have a similar logo, words, package, or all the thing regarding the brand identity. Because of this, they apply to get the trademark.

In here, we will discuss why trademarks are important and what the things that cannot be trademarked.

Reasons to Apply for Trademark

Trademark is so important. But why? Below is some reason why a person or company need to apply trademark for their products or services.

1. Differentiate your company from others

Distinct features, such as: words, logo, phrase, make the customer can easily to recognize your company. Imagine if one company is having a same logo with another company. Where’s your originality?

Nike is known for their chill phrase “Just do it”. McDonald’s proud to have their “Happy Meal Box”. If there is a blue square with “F” letter colored white in it, everyone knows that it is Facebook logo.

Trademark more and less will allow people/companies to have a special place in their customer’s hearth. How great it is to make a killing logo, design, copywriting just for you. No one will be able to plagiarize your identity.

2. Let people know it is your products/services

Frankly saying, the trademark is like an implied name tag. People saw it, people know that it is yours. Just as simple as that.

Seems like a crucial thing, isn’t it? Indeed. Just imagine.

When one person accidentally using your products/services and get satisfied by it, they automatically will try to know what brand it is or what company offers it.

The time after they saw that logo or words, you are lucky. It will be saved in their memory. And your chance to get more customer is increasing.

3. Having an important role in co-branding

Co-branding is a marketing strategy to increase the brand equity of the product by collaborating two brands to create one special products or service.

For example, Apple and Nike. They introduced the Apple Watch Nike+ back in 2016. And this alliance became a successful co-branding partnership until now.

When you saw this case in a customer’s viewpoint, it all about brand. Just like its name (co-branding). The product/service they create along will arrive to the customer
Customer will know this product/service is a true co-branding result after they saw the logo or any kind of identity of both party in its marketing process.

So the nightmare is, what if people think this is not belonged to your company? Just because they think this is another company with the same signs.

Not a good idea, isn’t it? So, have you realized how important to have the trademark is?

The Things Cannot Be Trademarked

After knowing that importance, people start to make trademarks to their intellectual properties, some signs to make people recognize of them or their company.

Some stuffs that cannot be applied for trademark:

1. The title of ordinary companies.
2. Private high schools and secondary schools.
3. Kindergarten’s name.
4. Economic enterprises of associations/foundations.
5. A/B ordinary partnership.
6. Certain names or another signs without consent from the person.
7. Government symbols.
8. Derogatory or vulgar words or phrases.
9. Deceptive, immoral or, or scandalous words or symbols.
10. Written works or musical works, because these are covered by copyright instead.

These are bits of any other stuffs that you cannot trademark them. Hope it will help you to give an understanding.