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You Should Experience Bosporus Cruise Sights!

You Should Experience Bosporus Cruise Sights!

The Bosporus 32 km long straight, connects Sea of Marmara to the south with the Black Sea to the north of Istanbul, along the shores of Bosporus there are several soulful, historical and cultural sights.

Here we have gathered the impactful sights on Bosporus cruise in Istanbul.

Sunset Sight

The splendid sunset view at the point of conjunction of east and west gives a deep insight into nature. If you have desired to enjoy the sunset view, then the smaller luxury yacht is most suitable with a few people and enjoy the charm of Istanbul in some less crowded atmosphere. Famous waterfront sites with the gorgeous skyline of Istanbul are some other powerful sights that visitors captured during their way through the Bosporus cruise.

In the twilight, the Golden horn water under the umbrella of multiple shades of yellow light provides a soulful view. Viewing the sunset and blue under glimpsing sun rays attracts several visitors to Golden Horn. Golden Horn is a freshwater body that separates southern Istanbul from northern Istanbul.

Rumeli Fortress

On the bank of Bosporus, A magnificent, grand fortress located on the European side. The fortress has been built by the sultan Mehmet to control the military and commercialization. The fortress is famous for its 3 towers(minor), named after 3 viziers of Mehmet II.


Ortakoy is the place located under the first bridge of the Bosporus near to Dolmabahce Palace. A former fisherman place, full of historic wooden houses and with clubs and market makes it attract full Bosporus sight. The town is filled with the club, cafés shops and hotels, and bars. It is the best place to enjoy the sip of a drink or fish sandwiches. Ortakoy is also famous for its baked delicious potatoes.

Bosporus Bridge

In human history, the Bosporus bridge has connected the east and west for the very first time. Crossing the connection between the two great continents Asia and Europe is always splendid and full of zest. Crossing Bosporus bridge, with the breathtaking view of Bosporus is an unforgettable experience.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace is located on the southern shore of Bosporus and near to the city. The palace has been served as Home for 400 years for Ottoman Sultans. Being now a 2nd on every list after Hagia Sophia. Topkapi Palace was the central essence of great Ottoman Empire. The palace structure is a pure example of an Islamic architect.

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace is grandiose among all other Ottoman palaces. The magnificent a sumptuous palace comprising 285 rooms and 43 large salons A palace front is cloaked by 500-meter long Bosporus shore. The palace on the European shore is a true precedent of royal ottoman accouterments. The palace structure was designed by Ottoman Armenian architects for sultan Abdulmecit(1839-1861).

You can make an entry in the palace in the account of some lira but for interior palace visit you have to buy ticket. No new entry has been made, after the daily Quota of 3000 visitors gets filled. No video and camera are allowed in the palace, every new entry goes through scanning to make sure that each person is free from any metal, camera, or video maker equipment. Dolmabahce Palace has a café behind the Haremlik and the Saat Kulesi Kafeterya, a cafeteria near the palace Clock Tower, with views of the Bosporus.

Ciragan Palace

The other glorious palace on the European shore is Ciragan Palace. The palace has a tragic history. Sultan Abdul Aziz met to his death in this palace under suspicious circs, after few days he had been the throne. The final finishing of the palace has been made in 1874, During the construction, Marble has been used in bulk that’s why it’s also called Marble palace. After his dismissal, Abdul Hamid II imprisoned his family in the palace. In 1910, the palace has been served as parliament and the palace was destroyed by fire, then the palace was restored now the palace has been turned into Delux Hotel, Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul Hotel. Being on Bosporus shore, it’s a magnificent place to stay.

Yildiz Parki

One of the largest parks and flourishing parks of Istanbul is located at the European shore of Bosporus. Yildiz Park is the park of ottoman Yildiz palace, facing the northern shore of Bosporus.The park contains 3 museums and the palace museum.

Yildiz Sale Köşkü

The 60-room palace was originally built in preparation, for German Emperor Wilhelm II visit. The palace has been hosted such a notable US President Bill Clinton as on various occasion
During the reign of Sultan Abdul Ahmed, the palace was built on the top Hillside. The Yildiz sale museum is now open to the public. Palace is quite big,60 bedrooms, tones of the bathroom, and a fancy arrangement make it quite complex to understand at once.

Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi, a small palace on the Asian shore but has a magnificent architectural structure. The palace has been built on the order of Sultan Abdulaziz. An amazing waterfront added a deep look to the palace. Sultan Ahmed II spend his last year of life with his wife in this palace after he had been dethroned. Most of the palace furniture was made by the sultan himself, as he was an accomplished carpenter. Delightful gardens, Chinese urns, and normal opulent chambers are the element which makes that palace distinguishable from other ottoman imperial palaces.


The 22 miles (35 km) in the north from Galata Bridge, the outrageous northern Istanbul village of Kilyos confronting the freezing water of the Black Sea. It is a favorite gateway sweating sport. Kilyos has hotels, restaurants, and guest houses for their visitors. The place has been hit by the maximum crowd in summer. On the northern shore of the Bosporus, the faith bridge is located. It’s also called conqueror bridge and named after conqueror Mehmet II.

Sadberk Hanim Museum – Buyukdere

The Sadberk Hanim Museum is located onshore road of Buyukdere on Bosphorus.The museum holds marvelous artwork assemblage of the Ottoman Empire, Islamic art, and Anatolian relic.The museum is privately funded by the richest Koc Family in Turkey. Coins, Islamic Art, ottoman antiquities, and ethnographic elements are exhibited. Old waterfront villa with a new museum building makes its most precious, among others. The modern Archeological section, showcasing early 6Bc civilization along with Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman, and Anatolian.

Kuleli Naval Academy, Çengelköy, Anadolu Hisarı, Küçüksu Kasri, Emirgan and Tarabya are some other notable sights of Northern Bosporus in Istanbul.