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Why Should I Choose to Take a Medical Treatment in Turkey?

Why Should I Choose to Take a Medical Treatment in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the rapidly growing country in terms of medication and treatment. 46 Turkish clinics have been accredited with JCI joint commission international. In comparison to Turkey, only 10 hospitals of Germany and 26 of Israel have that certificate. JCI certificate proves that doctors’ qualifications, medical equipment, treatment services, safety measures all meet the highest standard in the world.

What should we consider while choosing a medical treatment?



Success rate

Quality-price ratio

Why Should I Choose Turkey to Receive Medical Treatment?

Turkey is the land of culture, where the two continents meets. Until recently Turkey was known for its tourism and beaches and still, some people think in such an outdated manner. However, Turkey has become one of the highly equipped country in terms of medication and treatments. USA Giants are also associated with various Turkish medical centers. Doctors all around the globe come here and gain experience in such a wide medical sphere.

Recent treatments, equipment, and therapy are available in the country. Turkish health care travel council THCTC reported that 74600 foreign patients from 146 countries were treated in 2017 in Turkey. According to TURFOD, in 2023 the number of foreign patients will possibly cross the figure of 2 million.

What Type of Treatments Famous in Turkey?

Turkey is famous for oncology, plastic surgery, transplantology, reproductive medicine, and cardiology.

Does Turkey Provide Any Medical Allowance and Discounts for Foreign Patients?

Turkish Airlines has been providing significant discounts for medical tourists and this offer has led to a significant increase in their medical tourists.

Cost of Medical Treatment

The cost of treatment solely depends on the complexity of the disease, clinic choice, and the necessary methods and specific treatment cost. The good thing about the rates of medication and treatment is that They are providing the same treatment with 20-40 % discounts as compare to big names such as Germany and Israel.

Turkey Has Been Ranked 1 for Its Price-Quality Ratio for Almost a Decade

Turkey is the best choice for getting a unique treatment at reasonable rates. Each year 2 million medical tourists hit the market, but yet their rates remained moderate. Turkey has been offering complete inclusive packages for its medical tourists, including medical advice, treatment, hotel recommendations, etc.

The average price for popular treatments is listed below.

Infertility treatments start from 4000$

Radiation therapy start from 10,000$

Knee replacement startfrom 15,000$

Aortocoronary bypass started from 18000$

Dental treatment cost ranges from 250$ to1090$ it depends on the specific treatment for which you are going. In addition to all necessary dental treatments, the clinic also performs jaw reconstruction surgery, tooth alignment, occlusion correction. Pediatric and cosmetic dentistry is also available.

Treatment for Cancer

Turkish medication and treatments show high success rates in the treatment of cancer. The treatments used for the curing of cancer are Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, brachytherapy, biological therapy, radiotherapy, radiosurgery robotic surgery radiation therapy, etc.

Turkey also has a big name in bone marrow transplantation. They have their own bone marrow donor base as well as access to other international donor banks. More than 2,500 adult bone marrow transplants and up to 700 children’s bone marrow transplants are performed in Turkish clinics annually. Depending on the type of transplantation, a 90% survival rate can be achieved for adult transplantation and 95% for child transplantation.

Turkey is a very famous country for its in vitro fertilization procedures. It’s the best choice for the couple seeking such procedures. Dr. Selman Lachin, the leading IVF specialist in Turkey, practices at the Medicana Hospitals Group. He demonstrates one of the highest success rates of in vitro fertilization in the country.

Memorial Hospital also shows a high IVF success rate. The Turkey is one of the first country that applies the ICS technology. Today the success rates of ICSI has been reached 95%. In just 7 years, they have performed a 6 thousand IVF procedure.

The effectivity of Turkish medication can be guessed through that statement
32% of Turkish patients are medical tourists. The primary reason to set a medical trip to Turkey is their cheap treatment, with highly maintained quality. Cosmetic surgery is one of the expensive surgeries all around the world But Turkey is providing cosmetic surgery on 70% lower rates than EUROPE without compromising on quality.

Recovering Among A Fabulous Place

Patients are always looking for a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere with positive vibes. Turkey is a country that provides a patient-friendly environment. Studies and research show that a peaceful environment always has positive effects on patient conditions.

Turkey is the top favorite choice for tourists, the blend of culture, versatility, beaches, unique history center hub, and the western eastern blend has been providing their visitors an unforgettable experience. The patient who set about a medical trip always been in unconscious or depressed in this case, Turkey is providing such an unbeatable atmosphere. It’s the best opportunity for a medical tourist to enjoy that culture along if possible.

Combining your surgery with a holiday excuse is best for the medical tourist. The Turkey is a top hit place for tourists, surely make you relaxed and normal during the treatments. It has the most American-accredited hospitals of any other country, and that’s a big reason why travelers from over 114 different countries travel here for medical surgery (Turkey is a strong hub that can serve a large geographic scope).

Many hospitals have partnerships with top American hospitals such as Harvard Medical Center and Johns Hopkins and are staffed with many highly skilled, English speaking, and western-trained doctors.

Waiting Procedure

The maximum period for which patients have to wait for their procedure is just 2 weeks. One can avail the procedures or services on a short stand by time. Normally in western countries, it takes 18 months to schedule any procedure.

The Most Suitable Geographical Position for Health Tourism

Turkey is one of the world’s most central hubs, and its geographic position is one of the reasons that medical tourism has so taken of, it’s highly accessible. Turkey has always been known as a gateway between East and West, a place where two continents literally collide. It’s one of the major commercial and cultural centers.

With the recent development in expanding Istanbul airport turns it into one of the largest airport travelers from over 50 countries can go to Turkey within 4 hours short flight time. It’s easy to reach from the Americas, from Europe, and Asia, and when compared to other popular medical tourism destinations like Mexico, Malaysia, and India, Turkey is the most central for most of the world.