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Why Should Dog Hotel Be Used?

Why Should Dog Hotel Be Used?

One of the biggest questions for dog owners while on vacation is; why should dog hotel be used? Pet owners have become pet parents and the pets are treated as an additional kid of the family. Hence, pet parents expect the same types of services and experience for their pet.

For many people, summertime is the time where vacation mode will be kicked in and relax on some of the amazing vacation destinations. Some dogs are pampered and for them, it can be an opportunity to do the same with their owners.

The days passed that dogs parents used to leave them at home as they have an abundance of dog hotel choices at their helm. From small dog hotels with basic amenities to luxury pet resorts. There are now accommodations available that will suit every dog and satisfy the pet parent.

It is becoming a niche as taking care of pets is neither technology nor it is a high-tech thing. Now, why should dog hotel be used? This question will not come into your mind when you look at the benefits of them and how your beloved dog can enjoy its vacation with fellow dogs.

What types of suits are available at the dog hotel?

Nowadays, dog hotels are a resort-style holiday for your pup. Your dog will feel an unrivalled staying experience at dog hotels. These purposely built dog hotels are built to give your dog a pleasant, safe, comfortable, and fun-filled environment.

There are suits for dogs at these hotels, such as:

Family suits

If your dog is a little large or you want to spend some time with your pup before leaving then this suit will give you more than enough room. Some features of this suit are:

  • Raised luxury bedding fam dog suite
  • Daily Play Time To Stretch Their Legs
  • Compulsory bath upon exit priced by coat type and pet size
  • Spacious hygienic tempered glass suites
  • High Quality food

Presidential suits

When you don’t want to compromise anything and only the best will do for you then presidential suits are one of the best things about dog hotels. Their features are:

  • Flat-screen TV
  • Daily Play Time To Stretch Their Legs
  • Bedtime Delights
  • High-quality Food
  • Compulsory bath upon exit priced included

Classic suits

It is one of the basic accommodations. Your dog will be safe and it will make sure that your dog has all the luxuries. Classic suits provide your dogs with:

  • Raised Luxury Bedding
  • Daily Play Time To Stretch Their Legs
  • Spacious hygienic tempered glass suites
  • Premium quality food
  • Compulsory bath upon exit priced by coat type and pet size

Executive suits

If you treat your dog as your family member and make a habit of finer things then executive suits are for you. They include services such as:

  • Raised Luxury Bedding
  • Daily Play Time To Stretch Their Legs
  • Spacious hygienic tempered glass suites
  • Choice of private accommodation or buddy suites
  • Finest quality food
  • Compulsory bath upon exit priced by coat type and pet size

Why you should use dog hotel?

Instead of leaving your dog with your neighbour or at your friend’s house, going for dog hotels can prove to be a wise decision. Not only will your dog be able to enjoy the vacation; it will be taken care of with love and compassion at these dog hotels.

What follows are some of the benefits of choosing a dog hotel:

Daily walks

One of the best benefits of dog hotels is their pet walking service. Your dog will be getting enough exercise, and this will eliminate the concern about hiring a dog walker and giving them access into your apartment while you are on your vacation. Some hotels will walk at least twice a day, and others walk three or four times. Make sure you ask detailed questions as you call around to compare services with other dog hotels.

Internet access

You will know what your dog will do with the internet! Well, it is not for them, obviously. It is for you as you will be able to view your dogs over the Internet. Not many dog hotels offer this service and if you want to see what’s happening with your pets, then only book a hotel that has this service available.

Nutritional meals

Dog hotels will offer dogs with high quality, nutritious meals throughout the day to keep them healthy and happy during the stay. Dog-friendly hotels will not offer you food services and you may have to pack food and find time to give it to them. A dog hotel will take care of any complications or dietary problems according to your specifications.

How to find a good dog hotel?

Find out the services satisfy your requirements

Know what your dog will require and find the dog hotel according to that. You don’t want your dog to feel homesick in the dog hotel. Research well before you zero down the hotel. Make sure it fulfils all your requirements and offer your dog care and love they crave the most.

Look for a well-maintained facility

It doesn’t need to look splendid to be good, but choose a dog hotel that is clean and well-maintained. Make sure the dog hotel you choose should not smell like urine and you should ask how often your dog’s room will be cleaned. Also, look for safety issues in terms of how secure the building is—double gates to get in and out of dog play areas, and fences that are at least six to eight feet high must be there.

Learn about what is included

Prices will vary within the dog hotel industry and are mainly determined by the location of the hotel. However, those prices may not include extras and you should be confirming which services are included in the base price.

Look for their emergency services

Emergency situations such as room fires and tornadoes to break-ins and health issues can arise at any time. Ask about how solid are the facility’s emergency plans and how prepared they are for the emergency. 

If you are going on a vacation and worried about your beloved dog then fear not, these dog hotels will take good care of your pet. With the above-mentioned benefits, you will no longer ask why should a dog hotel be used?