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Who are Inadmissible Passengers? (INAD)

Who are Inadmissible Passengers? (INAD)

This article explains Inadmissible Passengers INAD in details. One of the scariest things to experience is getting rejected to enter a country. Even though you have a legal passport, a visa, or proper paperwork, the immigration administration could still reject your entry to their country. “Airport to Airport” is a word used when a passenger is not permitted to pass a border and stops in the airport until she/he flies back to the airport they came from or their nation.

Being banned from Turkey would damage the future travel options of that particular person because a person will face some travel prohibition. In most instances, deportees will be banned to enter Turkey for 5 years. All travel costs of a deportee would be paid by Turkey. People may be deported because of outstaying, political reasons, or violating the law of a foreign country.

As per the International Civil Aviation Organization, an Inadmissible Passenger (INAD) means a “passenger who is denied entrance to a state by authorities of that state. It is unusual for a Deportee Passenger since deportees are allowed legal stay in a state. It’s also not Off-loaded, as most Turkish terms note that you are denied boarding at your departure area or asked to get off from the plane and not permitted to go out of the country.

What is an INAD Passenger in Turkey?

INAD is a word that is used for passengers who are detained at the border of the country that they desire to travel and who are not permitted to enter the country that they want to travel. The term serves as the inadmissible passenger. This air transport term is used at Turkey’s international airports and, according to civil air travel laws of Turkey, the INAD passenger should be taken back to their country by aviation.

In Turkey if the traveler is to be able to show the legal documents to the border police of Turkey at the international arrivals terminal, or if the documents shown are considered invalid or faulty, the traveler can be in danger of being an INAD. The passenger is going back to his country after being admitted to the plane for return.

What Does Not Allowing a Passenger to Enter a Turkey Mean?

Passengers who are not permitted to enter Turkey are people who are classified as inadmissible passengers by the local authorities, such as boundary police or passport control officers. After being checked by the security team, the passenger is returned to the aviation that brought him in. In the case of INAD passengers, Turkey’s police should contact the air transportation and send the passenger back to his country.

What Does It Mean to INAD Someone?

INAD means not accepting a passenger to a particular country. In such cases, the traveler is defined by the traveler title, INAD. The INAD procedure is usually put into action when a traveler wanting to enter a country with a faulty visa or when the transport visa of a transit passenger is not available. For this reason, be sure your visa details are complete and correct when you travel to Turkey. Besides, if you are going to fly in transit, surely review the transit visa rules of Turkey.

What are the Consequences of Inadmissible Passengers in Turkey?

The INAD passenger is sent back to his/her nation with his/her property. INAD passengers are sent back to their nation by the plane they journeyed. If there is no empty seat on board, the passenger will be taken to the waiting areas to wait for the very first available flight. In certain cases, INAD travelers can wait for the other flight for a few days. Hence, be sure that your papers are valid when traveling to Turkey. Before you start your journey to Turkey, check the visa requirements transit carefully.

How to Avoid Being an INAD in Turkey?

  • Check documents in advance, review if you need a visa to enter Turkey, double check your passport’s duration.
  • For children, just ensure you have extra requirements, e.g., DSWD Clearance, a letter from Parents, etc.
  • Know the objective of your visit to Turkey. For Example, if you are going to a wedding in Turkey, you should know the location, who’s getting married, etc.
  • Read the declarations, ask for specialist opinions, e.g., immigration officers, embassy, airline company, etc., before traveling to Turkey.
  • Should you state a lost passport and get a new one, never use the lost passport.
  • Have a return or onward ticket, because Turkey requires this specifically for those who don’t own effective passports.
  • Don’t use false journey tickets. You won’t be believed as an INAD but get kicked out and may get your visa canceled.
  • Have numbers from your country’s agency ready before you go out of your country. This may be useful in case of urgency.
  • Get travel protection. There are times you will get to reserve your flight back or have paid for non-repayable tours, accommodation, etc. You can get back your costs if you have Travel Insurance, especially with the Trip disruption scope.

What to Do When You are Considered an INAD in Turkey?

  • If you have done nothing bad, keep calm, it’s a bit annoying, but arguing with the immigration officers would not give you any benefits.
  • Should you have the correct documents, but won’t the immigration officer reject you, you can ask for a higher official to check it.
  • You may also contact the Turkey Embassy for help, especially if you get distinguished, threatened, bullied, or harassed.
  • A flight will be scheduled to get you from Turkey or back to your home country.
  • You will be in immigration care until you are boarding your flight, please note that some countries may be tough than Turkey, e.g., for the USA, you may not be in a position to get a hold of your luggage, passport, or cell phone.
  • Information with regards to your rejection of entry is not on your files unless you have engaged with a serious offense like drug smuggling, fraudulent paper works, etc.

Final Words – Who are Inadmissible Passengers? (INAD)

This is an informative guide! You won’t experience being “Airport to Airport” or getting announced as an Inadmissible Passenger. Double-check, triple-check on all your documents and paperwork to prevent being in this horrible situation.

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