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When Did the Ottoman Empire Begin?

When Did the Ottoman Empire Begin?

The Ottoman Empire was founded in 1299 AD by a leader of one of the Turkish tribes in Anatolia, Osman 1. It is believed that the name Ottoman is actually a mispronunciation of Osman’s name ‘Uthman’. The empire reached the peak of grandeur under the expert leadership of Osman’s successors Orhan, Murad I, and Bayezid I.
Another prominent Ottoman leader, Mehmed II in 1453 led the Ottoman Turks and seized the ancient city of Constantinople. It led to the end of the 1000-year-old Byzantine Empire and laid the foundation of the present-day city of Istanbul.

Where Did the Ottoman Empire Expand To?

The first period of the Ottoman Empire, starting from 1299 to 1481, was about the continuous expansion of its boundaries. In fact, there were several modern-day countries that were under Ottoman rule during the time. Some of the most important ones are Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Romania, Hungary, and Lebanon.
The Ottomans were avid warriors of the faith Islam, and they were respectfully given the honorific title of ‘Ghazi’.
The empire ended only recently in 1922, after the first World War. It was replaced with the Turkish republic as well as other successor states of the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

The Country with Magnificent Ottoman Empire Landmarks

The Ottomans built a number of beautiful structures that are reminiscent of the wonderful historical past of Turkey. This, along with the country’s warm hospitality towards tourists and modern-day activities like hot-air balloon rides attract tourists throughout the year. If you too are a lover history and love to travel, make sure Turkey is in your bucket list. Because this country is a glorious blend of ancient traditions with modernity and will surely leave you craving for more.