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What is comprehensive check?

What is comprehensive check?

This article explains What is comprehensive check? How long does it last and where does it take place? questions in details. When you want to move to a new country; be it for a temporary stay or a long stay, you will need to perform a fully comprehensive check on your background to apply for the visa. A similar check is also required when you are applying for a Turkish visa.

The cross-continent country is one of the preferred destinations for people to spend their retirement lives or start a new business due to the high standard of living in Turkey. This has made Turkey one of the most visited countries in the world.

What is comprehensive check? How long does it last and where does it take place?

A Turkish visa will give you the authorization to enter the country and stay there for a particular period. This visa will enable you to engage in various activities depending on the type of visa you have acquired. These activities include a study program and work permission.

If you are looking to apply for a visa in Turkey then you will need to conduct a fully comprehensive check of yourself that will include your background check, criminal records, and other information related to the authentication.

Why Comprehensive Check is Mandatory?

When you want to apply for a Turkish resident permit then you will need to do a comprehensive background check. A comprehensive check aims to ensure that the applicant is not a threat to public security. The Turkish government has made it mandatory for every foreigner who is looking to apply for a resident permit in the country.

When you visit the embassy to submit your application for residence, you will need to attach your recent report that shows details about any legal interactions or encounters with the law of your country. Hence, make sure that you stay out of trouble because if you have the smallest issue with the authority of your country, your application will be rejected directly.

The main purpose of going through a comprehensive check is to ensure that you need to prove about zero criminal threat and you will not harm public security, peace, and harmony of the other residents and the country.

There will be two reports you need to submit with your residence application. The first background report will be about your criminal record from your home country and the other will be comprised of a Turkish criminal record. The second one will be required only for people who are applying for an extension of their visa and people who have lived in the country for any length of time.

What is Included in a Comprehensive Background Check to Apply for Turkish Residence Permit?

When it comes to applying for a Turkish residence, the requirements will vary from person to person regarding which type of permit you will need. If you are applying for a short-term permit then you will need to follow certain criteria and if you are applying for a long-term work visa then the differences will be obvious.

If you one of the following reasons then you can apply for a Turkish residence permit:

  • Looking to live in the country for more than 90 days
  • Looking to renew your short-term application
  • Want to apply for a permit that allows you to stay for an indefinite period
  • Looking to play the role of sponsor for your children or spouse
  • Looking to invest in the country
  • Looking to start a business in Turkey
  • Looking for a student permit

There are various reasons to apply for a permit to live in Turkey and before applying you need to complete a comprehensive check and attach the same report with your application. If you have a clean background then you will be eligible to live in one of the most gorgeous and peaceful countries.

Where to Apply for Ikamet Permit in Turkey?

If you are a first-time applicant and want to apply for a residential visa then you first have to finish a comprehensive check. This check will make sure that you are not a threat to the country and its citizens. Once you have completed your comprehensive check and possess a complete background check report with you then you will be eligible to apply for the permit.

You can apply for the resident visa online before your tourist visa expires. Then collect all your documents with a comprehensive check certificate to the Goc idaresi online website and then visit the office in person to the Migration office at the given time and this will finalize your application for residence.

If you are a foreigner and want to renew your application for the resident permit in 81 provinces then you have to submit your comprehensive check report provided by the Turkish authority within 5 days of application.

Types of Ikamet Permit in Turkey:

There are mainly four types of residential permit available for you in Turkey, namely:

Short Term Residence Authorization

If you are looking to stay in the country for one year then a short-term residence permit is the best for you and it will be dependent on the conditions set by the Directorate General of Migration Management. This applies to everyone excluding nationals of Northern Cyprus and foreign nationals who invest in the country.

Long Term Residence Permit

If you want to visit and stay in the country indefinitely, applying for a long-term residence permit would be a wise idea. To apply for this permit you will need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • You must have lived in Turkey for at least 8 years on a permit
  • Satisfy the conditions set out by the Migration Policies Board
  • Haven’t availed any social assistance in the past 3 years
  • Be able to make an income that is adequate to support themselves and (if applicable) their family
  • The applicant is not a threat to the public or authority
  • Have medical insurance

Family Residence Permit

This permit is allowed for 3 years after which you can renew if needed. If you are thinking about applying for this Turkish residence permit, keep these important factors in your mind before you apply:

  • If you are the sponsor then only you can apply for this type of permit
  • You have to be a Turkish citizen or living in Turkey for more than 8 years
  • As a sponsor, you can apply for this license for your spouse, children, and the dependent children of your spouse.

Student Residence Permit

If you want to study at a Turkish university or want to receive schooling from Turkey then this permit can help you. This permit will allow you to stay in Turkey for study purposes only for a maximum of one year.

Final Words – What is comprehensive check?

Turkey is a very beautiful and gorgeous city and you will want to live there and crave your career in the country. To maintain the peace and harmony of the country, the Turkish government has made it mandatory for immigrants and visa-seeking people to have a comprehensive check report with them.

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