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What Free Case Evaluation Law Means?

What Free Case Evaluation Law Means?

A free case evaluation law is a consultation to a lawyer that is free of charge by a person who has a legal dispute in his/her hands. By providing this type of service the lawyer gives a person the opportunity to talk to someone about what has happened to them. As a result, the person becomes more aware of his/her legal rights and gets an idea about how to use them.

Process of Free Case Evaluation Law

In these types of consultations, a lawyer must listen carefully and try to understand how the incident took place by asking the right questions. The lawyer must not abstain from asking as many questions as needed to figure the case out. On the other hand, the person who seeks legal consultation should be clear and truthful about his/her statements during the meeting. He/she must also bring any evidence concerning the incident.

Consultations During and After a Free Case Evaluation

Since the consultations are uncharged the only thing binding the parties of the consultation is trust. Therefore it is of utmost importance that the lawyer explains to the person who seeks consultation that the he/she will have no obligation to work with him or her, and everything he/ she says will be kept confidential.

After the consultation, the person will have an opportunity to hire the lawyer and pursue his/her legal claims together. If the person is willing to do this the lawyer and him/her will enter into an agency contract.