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What Are the Reasons for Ending Marriage?

What Are the Reasons for Ending Marriage?

You will wonder; what are the reasons for ending marriages? Marriages are not just about two people falling in love with each other. They are about two families and how they live in harmony and happiness. You will reach a point when you will that it is not going for you and your spouse.

You will expect things to go normal and expect them to come around while letting go of the steam and become their normal self once again. Instead, you feel that the love and care that was present in the marriage is long gone and it is worthless to stay together, instead of finding reasons for ending marriages.

You presumably wanted to live and spend your life together if you decided to get married to each other. Letting go is the essential part to keep your marriage but it is hard as coconut to change in the ways you need them and compromise.

Getting a divorce and ending marriage will feel like a slow burn as you have reached a point that the decision comes after years and years of envisioning and trying very hard to make the marriage work.

Every marriage will hit the rough phase sooner or later where the frequency of arguments between you and your spouse will be regular and fights will last longer than before. Knowing what are the reasons for ending marriage will help you avoid these mistakes while steadying the ship while it is crossing a tornado.

What are the reasons for ending a marriage?

While the reasons can differ from relationship to relationships; here are some of the most common reasons for ending a marriage:

Ending marriage due to communication problem

The heart of any relationship is communication. You will hear various reasons like money disagreements, commitment issues, and many more for ending the marriage. However, we need to note one thing that they all are because of the breakdown of communication.

If you are not able to talk about your problems with your partner then all will be left is a pile of unsolved problems and unproductive arguments.

Ending marriage due to monetary issues

Ask one question; what are the reasons for ending marriage? You will find many reasons and one of the most common reasons will be monetary issues. This issue can make the couple go crazy because money touches so many parts of people’s lives.

The money will be a flashpoint argument between couples and in many cases, the influencing factor for divorce. Money has the ability to wreck any marriage in so many different ways. A spouse with a shopping addiction and reckless credit card usage can be the reason to end the marriage.

Ending marriage due to lack of intimacy

Not feeling connected with your spouse can be one of the prime reasons to end the marriage. You will feel like living with a stranger or roommate rather than living with your partner. It isn’t always about sex as it can be from a lack of emotional or physical intimacy.

If you are cold-shouldering your spouse for some time, then keep in mind that it will lay the ground for ending a marriage. Ignoring your partner’s sexual needs is considered as the prime reason for divorce in recent times.


When there are no acts of intimacy, each partner will feel rejected and that will lead you to downward in your marriage ending with divorce as the last stop.

Ending marriage due to infidelity

One of the obvious reasons for ending a marriage is an extramarital affair. However, a large number of couples have faced this issue and have stayed together. That doesn’t mean that you have the license to venture out of the marriage.

Trust is the base of any marriage and infidelity erodes the trust and eventually leads to a breakdown in communication. Sooner or later, infidelity will catch up to you and sacrifice your marriage and be the cause of ending the marriage.

Even if your marriage is saved, it will be changed for the worse forever. You will either end up admitting your infidelity or you will be left with a huge bag of guilt on your heart.

Ending marriage due to abuse

If you see a pattern of domestic abuse in a marriage then it is going to get over soon and that too quickly rather than expected. Physical abuse is not the only type of abuse as emotional and financial abuse can lead to the ending of a marriage.

Yelling, neglecting, shouting, withholding money, vulgar comments, and other negative displays can be just as damaging as physical abuse. Abuse is not only directed only towards the spouse. Children, grandparents, brothers, and sisters can be the target of the abuse as well.

Ending marriage due to equality

Marriage is all about us and not about me. Lack of quality is just behind infidelity as the reason for ending the marriage. When one partner feels that they take more responsibility, it will change their perspective of the other person and lead to resentment.

Ending marriage due to addiction

Addiction doesn’t only mean drugs or alcohol, but it comes in many forms and all of them can threaten your happy marriage. When couples grow apart, they can towards addictions like gambling, pornography, uncontrollable spending, or infidelity.

Addiction can take away everything from a job, friends to family, and marriage. Addiction will force the spouse to cheat, lie, steal, or betray the foundational trust.

Ending marriage due to marrying at an early age

One of the big reasons couples end their marriage is because they got married when they were not ready for the big responsibility that comes with it. The rate of ending marriages for couples who are in their 20s is very high.

Marrying too young will present you with many problems in the marriage. They will face money issues as their respective career has not taken up yet. In some cases, a lack of maturity plays a huge part in knowing about what are the reasons for ending a marriage.