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Was Constantinople Greek or Roman?

Was Constantinople Greek or Roman?

Constantinople today has been known as Istanbul was originally inhabited by the Geeks. It has been colonized by the Greeks in the 7th century BC. some historical shreds of evidence revealed that before the Greek colonization, The place was inhabited by Thracians Tribes, Indo-European people.

During the era of classical Roman civilization, it fell into the Roman Empire in 196BC, known as Byzantium. It was the period when the control of the Roman Empire has been extended to the entire Mediterranean world. In 330 BC it was made the new capital of the Rome Empire and renamed Constantinople.

For more than 1100 years Constantinople persisted has capital of Byzantine capital due to protected defensive walls, constructed by Theodosius II in 413. In 1453, Constantinople has been conquered by the Ottomans.

The Earliest Name of The City

Early commander of a Roman Empire, Pliny the Elder who was a Roman author, naturalist, philosopher, and author of Naturalis Historia. Pliny elder mentioned in his book, that the first name of the city was Lygos found by the Thracian tribe.

Lygos was the earliest settlement on the European side of Istanbul. Only some of the substructure survive and stand today. The famous Topkapi Palace belongs to Lygos, standstill today. Later on, Lygos has been occupied by the Roman Empire, and the Byzantium was a new name for the place. The core Istanbul is located on the Lygos site. It has been accepted that Lygos give rise to modern Istanbul.

Byzantium was the first official name of the city. Byzantion (Latin) was the settlement on the ancient Lygos site. Constantine I. make the Byzantium the new capital of the Rome empire. He put the foundation of a new great city known as Constantinople.

In 1453, Constantinople came to an end by the hand of Sultan Mehmet II. The city became the new capital of the Ottoman Empire. During the Ottoman Empire city flourished and has made tremendous progress. The city remained central power of ottoman till 1922, the reign over the Ottoman Empire from 1520 to 1566 was the great period of aesthetic and architectural Accomplishments,

City Was Headed by Christians, Jews, And Greeks

After the conquest, Mehmet has built an entirely new social structure for the city as now it became a new Islamic state. Previously the city was headed by Christians, Jews, and Greeks.

During the last year of Byzantium, the city population has been decreased to half due to some deadly pandemic and after-effects of the war were shocking and explosive, so Mehmet orders to reconstruct the city in a great manner. Constantinople once again became capital of the great Islamic Ottoman Empire.

The city population reached its peak during the Ottoman Empire and once again becomes the most populated city. The population of the city grew and reached the 700,000 in the 6th century. Before the Ottoman Empire, during the late classical ages was the one of populous city of the west with half a million people.

When the Black Death hit Constantinople, the population has been reduced tremendously to half.

After the conquest by the Sultan Mehmet, the city hit the new peak of prosperity. When the republic of Turkey came into existence, capital has been moved from Constantinople to Ankara in 1923.