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Visit Turkey: Is It Expensive for Tourist?

Visit Turkey: Is It Expensive for Tourist?

Turkey is one of the oldest places in the world that has a rich culture and history. It is a land of incredible travel opportunities. Having a bunch of charming points, from the world heritage sites, dreamy sky view, until their hospitality, Turkey’s becoming a dreamland for any traveler around the world.

Do you want to visit there? Do you think, “Is Turkey expensive to visit?” You should know 3 things:

Where Are You From?

If you come from the USA (US$1 = 6.88₺) or Europe (€1 = 7.7₺), Turkey may sound much economical to you. Comparing to other travelers from South Asia, Oceania, or Africa which is a bit expensive due to the value of the currency.

Where Do You Want to Go?

Istanbul and Ankara are pricier than Van because they are the centers of industry and government. You can expect to pay more in these cities for hotels, meals, etc.

The southern beach cities are expensive too. They are resort cities and can charge more for liquor and hotels.

What Are You Looking For?

Rentals in Turkey can be considered as a reasonable alternative compared to villas in Europe with the same standards. You can rent a luxury private villa with a pool in the most beautiful holiday resort of Turkey, in Gocek for approximately about $500 per week.

On the other hand, there is another story: Three peoples decided to visit Turkey for their holiday. They stayed at a small hotel on the coast at Çirali for $60, breakfast included.

Below is some information about the cost of basic needs in Turkey.

Accommodation Cost in Turkey

The best one for saving your money is Hostels, where it can be found all over the country. From the small villages, big cities, until the beachside hideaways.

You can expect to spend around $11-16 for a dorm bed in most spots in Turkey, with the price increasing to around $16 a night on the beaches and more tourist-filled areas.

Then, there are hotels if you want to get more luxury and comfort. Hosteling in major cities are available in abundance and prices to vary from lowest to highest but average good hotel room in 3-star hotel can cost you near $36, but it can be high during summers.

Transportation Cost in Turkey

If you plan on spending a lot of time exploring Istanbul with it, you can buy Istanbulkart as soon as you reach Istanbul for about $0.9. Istanbulkart gives you almost half-priced rides on the metro, trams, buses, and ferries across the city.

If you want to use the metro to get around Istanbul, prices start from 4₺ ($0.6) for a single ride.

Then there is Dolmuş (pronounce doll-moosh). It is a shared taxi which runs fixed routes both within and on the outskirts of cities and towns in Turkey. The price per person is 3 Turkish Lira for an intercity ride (about US$0.83) for adults.

Food Cost in Turkey

Food is quite cheap in most Turkey restaurants. For four adults the main course and alcoholic drinks were around £50. The cheapest sit-down meals are to be found in establishments that do not serve alcohol (içkisiz), where it’s possible to find a hearty three-course meal for TL18 ($10).

You can expect to spend around 15₺ ($2) for breakfast.