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Types of Turkish Residence Permit

Types of Turkish Residence Permit

There are various types of residence permit for foreigners to apply. So, in here, we are going to list the most general types which hopefully could give you the better understanding.

Short-Term Residence Permit

This is the bigger category of more specific types. This kind of residence permits include touristic purpose, business purpose, medical treatment, educational purpose, scientific research, and so on.
Short-term residence permit is used for foreigners that wish to stay longer in Turkey, exceed their visa/visa-exempt expiration date.

It has a certain time limit depends on foreigners’ nationality. The maximum period is about 2 year. But it can be invalid if not used within 6 months.

Some features you will get from this permit, such as: exiting and entering Turkey without visa, having Turkish identity number, facilitating internal transaction and bank issue, facilitating money movement (for company & business owner), and so forth.

Long-Term Residence Permit

You need to stay in Turkey for at least 8 consecutive years to apply for a long-term residence permit. Once foreigners have owned their ID card, they will not need to renew/extend their permit. The card never gets expired.
Foreigners who are holding this permit may enjoy the right vested in the Turkish citizens.

But there are some exceptions in particular areas, such as: military service obligation, rights in election, holding public office, importing vehicle, and some arrangement in the private law.

You cannot go outside Turkey more than a year, or your long-term residence permit will be cancelled. But it is okay for the reasons of education, health, and compulsory public services in your home country.

Family Residence Permit

This residence permit may be granted to first degree relatives of Turkish citizen or Turkish resident who have legally resided in the country for one year. This is valid for three years.
The family members include:
• foreign spouse,
• foreign children or foreign minor children,
• dependent foreign children.

For polygamous marriages, only one of the spouses shall be granted family residence permit. But this permit can also be given to foreign children from other spouse(s).
The Turkish citizen/resident will be having a status as a ‘supporter’. They are considered as individuals who cover the expenses of foreign national that will come to Turkey.

As a child below 18 years old who will not have income, they cannot be referred as supporter.
The foreign mother or father of the Turkish citizen/resident child either may not accompany the child or get a family residence permit. However, they may apply for short-term residence permit instead.

Student Residence Permit

This is for foreigners who shall attend an associate, undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate program; or receive education in medicine, or dentistry.

In other hand, foreigners who shall receive primary or secondary education are not required to apply for student residence permit [only family residence permit] until they reach 18 years of age.

The duration of the residence permit will not exceed the period of study if the study is less than one year.

To foreigners who will get education from state institution or organization, the residence permit shall be granted for full period of the study.

Foreign nationals are required to have health insurance to get a student residence permit. It can be applied in the provincial directorate of social security institution / social security center.

Humanitarian Residence Permit

This residence permit can be given for following reason:

• Giving a high benefit to the child.
• Deportation or exclusion order when departure procedures of the foreign nationals from Turkey cannot be performed.
• During the process of returning the applicant to the country of asylum or to a safe third country.
• Emergency reasons, protecting national benefits and interests, public peace or public order reasons.
• and other extraordinary cases.

Humanitarian residence permits will be granted or renewed for a maximum period of one year.
While issuing this residence permit, conditions that were attached to the other types of the residence permit will not be sought.

Residence Permit for Victims of Human Trafficking

Just like its name, this shall be granted to foreigners who are victims of human trafficking. Or where there are strong evidences that they might be a victim.

The residence permits for victim of human trafficking will be issued for 30 days by governorates and may be renewed for 6 months period. The total duration shall not exceed 3 years.

The condition attached will not be sought while issuing this residence permit.