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Turkish Series / Soap Operas and Impact Around the World

Turkish Series / Soap Operas and Impact Around the World

On a random night, we used to turn on our televisions and see the usual old stuff airing for years on the TV sets that are enjoying the popularity due to past shenanigans of the show. No freshness and new ideas were implemented in the shows apart from one or two series.

People from all over the world crave for something to feast on, something to anticipate on, and something to be completely mesmerized on. And the demand of the audience was heard by the relatively unknown TV industry around the world and they decided to give the global audience something to cherish.

Yes, we are talking about the Turkish series and soap operas. They changed the perspective of the world and how we used to see our television series. They completely dominated the TV fulcrum and swept the world in intense, well written, and well-performed Turkish series and soap operas.

The impact it had on the world was huge and was last seen during the Breaking Bad series. The Turkish TV industry was slowly and steadily becoming the darling of viewers from all around the globe. The craze was passionate and it was not just limited to Turkey as it crossed all the boundaries, dominated the international market, and even found space on the OTT giants Netflix!

However, what caused this sudden upturn in the popularity of the Turkish drama series and soap operas?

Reasons for the Upsurge in Turkish Dramas’ Popularity:

Turkish dramas and soap operas are based on the widely untouched and unknown areas for people residing outside Turkey. The main focus of these series and soap operas were revealed around the history of the Ottoman dynasty, militaristic shows as well as soap operas related to the country’s trade expansion, foreign strategies, Neo-Ottoman philosophy, and recent political happenings.

People from around the globe were getting tired of the same old stories that consisted of fantasy elements and suspense thrillers. They were looking to consume something new, something more realistic, and something they can relate to, and that is where the Turkish industry scored the home run.

They presented and offered the global audience something different, lifelike, and renewed content that can touch the heart of the people and relate to the main characters of the soap operas. People watched the shows with their heart and accepted the characters and related themselves with ease.

This was the main reason why the Turkish series and soap operas impacted the global audience and beat TV heavyweights with aplomb!

Now, you will think, what are the aspects behind its huge success?

The Factors behind the Uproaring Success of Turkish Telly Industry:

The cross-continent country has made its presence felt and expanded its reach to the global audience of the world in a rather fast manner. But what makes Turkish soap operas and series so appealing to everybody from Juliet to Janki to Jamila?

Compelling Story-Telling

Pick any US drama and you will find loads of sex and violence in it and it will be hard to watch it with your family. And that is where the Turkish industry beat the US Telly industry. People have reached a saturation point with the repetitive and clichéd US drama and series and they have seen a solid 50% decline in the viewership in the Middle East countries and some of the Asian countries.

Turkish industry has provided an alternative to these monotonous foreign shows as the tales in the Turkish soap opera circle around epic romance, both in bygone eras and the modern world. The stories can strike a perfect balance between traditional love in a modern era and asked questions about the relevancy of the values of so-called westernized countries, social dilemmas, and complex family issues with strife, intrigue, and action sequences shot in beautifully blessed local landscapes.

It has even boosted the Turkish economy due to show fanatics visiting the real site of the shooting, clicking pictures there, and helping the tourism industry.

High Production Values

One thing you will find common in every Turkish series and soap operas will be its amazing production values. The Turkish film industry is obliged to put together a two and a half hours long episode every week and that needs to be shot uniquely to keep the freshness intact in the content.

This practice has made the directors and camera person sharp and they are more than capable of delivering a peach of an episode every week with breathtakingly and gorgeously shot scenes and events. The way they put together a love triangle with unbeatable background music and mesmerizing angles are quite spectacular, to say the least.

Turkish production takes place in the country itself and mainly in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul. They are mostly shot in the city rather than building huge and unnecessarily costly sets. All the intimidating buildings, amazing sea views that connect the two continents you see are real and they are caught into the camera with the artistic talent of the cameramen and directors.

If you have a wish to see Turkey then you can easily tune into any Turkish series or soap opera and visit the country while sitting comfortably on your sofa, holding a bowl of popcorn!

Masterful and Spellbinding Acting

While the scenes are captured in a very poetic and picturesque way, the heartbeats of th19e scenes are the actors. These Turkish series and soap operas are houses to some of the most handsome looking and gorgeous actors and actresses respectively.

From the mercurial Can Yaman, Onur Tuna, Burak Özçivit, and Engin Altan Düzyatan to dazzling Hazal Kaya, Meryem Uzerli, Elçin Sangu, and Demet Özdemir; all these actors and actresses are impossibly attractive and stunning while justifying their intimidating looks with amazing and spellbinding acting skills.

These actors have made a huge name for themselves around the world and their fan pages and devoted fans are a testament to their talent and amazing work put on by these fine megastars of the Turkish series and soap operas.

Final Words

Turkish soap operas and series have become a new hot favorite of the world and it has impacted the world television industry. The shows have taken the world by storm and the actors have become the heartthrobs and actresses have become the darlings of many Turkish show fanatics around the globe.