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Turkish People Arab or Not?

Turkish People Arab or Not?

Many people, especially westerners have this idea that Turks are Arabs. But the reality is different. So, if you ask Turks are Arabs or not? The simple answer will be no. However, if you dig deeper, the answer is a little more complicated than this.

Turkey is an amazing country with a very elaborate and fascinating history. The first major mistake people make while talking about Turkey is that it started with the Ottoman Empire. Which is not true. The Ottoman Empire only brought Turkey into prominence and is responsible for its splendor.

The Turkic people, who belonged to the land, were originally from a region that was stretched between Siberia and Central Asia. The first mention of Turks is there in Chinese texts as old as 200 BC. Later these original Turkic people migrated and after many hardships and struggles created the mighty Ottoman Empire.

Are Turkish and Arabic Related?

The origin of the misconception of whether Turks are Arabs is probably rooted in the two similar words Turkic and Turkish. The former are people who are originally from Turkistan. The latter are the ones who have genetic and cultural ties with the country.

Meaning, like everywhere else, people from other nations, countries, cultures, and backgrounds have come to Turkey. They have mixed with the original Turk people and their progenies from the present-day Turkish people. Arabs are also among these Turkish people.

However, like Arabians, you would also find Italian, Greek, and Spanish people. They may have migrated during the Ottoman Empire but have now become Turkish over generations and ages. They speak the language, follow the culture but can they be called Turkic? Simply no, they are Turkish but not Turkic.

Where Is the Homeland of The Turkish People?

Original Turkish people are from middle Asia and belongs to Uygur Turk, Hun, Gokturk, Timur, and Karahanli empire. They look distinctly different too. But nowadays people living in Turkey, following the culture, and speaking the language identify themselves as Turks. And the world knows them as such.

This diversity in similarity is one of the many reasons that makes Turkey such a great country for traveling. Come visit this country if history enthralls you. You will be mesmerized by the diverse traditions and friendly people. Coupled with the wonderful landscape and the modern comforts, Turkey is a must-visit.