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Turkish Hammam Guide for First-Time Visitors

Turkish Hammam Guide for First-Time Visitors

Turkish Hammam

Turkey has good news if you would love to have some relaxation and cleansing time during your days in this country. So, what is this? The name is ‘hammam’.

Hammam one of the famous things about Turkey. Many Turks enjoy visiting this place for any kind of cause. If you never go to a Hammam before, let me make you to think of this place for some minutes. Let’s go!

What is Hammam?

Hammam is a public bathing where you can get hot spa and traditional massage. Word ‘Hammam’ can be interpreted as heating or being warm. They have separate place for both men and women. Or just particular time for each of them.

Hammams are situated all over the country. This is an exact place to go when you want to get relax and purify the dirt from your physic and spiritual. The small version of it was usually included in hotels and most spa centres.

Since the Ottoman age, Hammam has been a meaningful matter in the term of social institution. It was the place where social activity was been held. Women was gathering in the baths to talk comfortably with each other.

Turkish Hammam Rituals

The basic principle of Hammam is cleansing yourself from head to toe. The main thing is washing and exfoliating your body. You can choose various style to take your service.

Whether it is traditional style, just exfoliating; the other style, with the massage service and facial or body mask; or you just want to take a self-service and bath yourself, bringing your towel, shampoo, and soap. In self-service, you just need to pay the entrance fee.

Regardless what style of service you want to choose, you are allowed to use any kind of facilities as long as you like. But it is not so good idea to stay in there for all night long

Sure, you will be led to a splendid entrance hall with its wooden cubicles.

An attendant will guide you to a personal dressing cubicle and give you sandals and peştemal (colorful traditional towel to be wrap around your modesty area).

After you undressed, your masseur will lead you to hararet room (the hot room).

In there, you can sit and laying on göbektaşı (the central, raised platform above the heat source). Here, your dirt and dead skin will be softened and will be ready for “Kese” (silk bath fiber)

After 15 minutes, the masseur enters the room and the first part of service begins.

Firstly, they will remove your dead skin (after that steaming process) with warm water.

Then they will lather you with such a foamy swab, and massage you.

After it is done, time for scrubbing. The place will be shifted from the central place to the one of the basins.

You will realize how much dirt that you have on your body.

Then you will receive another soapy wash up. Ended up by rinsing session of cold water.

Your masseur will take you to the cooling/intermediate room for cooling down. It is in the same place of with shower and toilets.

If you want, you can take shower there then change your clothes.


Below is the rituals when you choose the traditional style with massage extra. In the end, you will feel like new-born afterward.