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Turkey’s Healthcare System

Turkey’s Healthcare System

Healthcare systems are important for every country and population. In this article, you can find what is the healthcare system, how it works, and how is the healthcare system in Turkey.
Recently, healthcare systems become a big part of the world economy. A healthcare system is defined as a financed, organized, and delivered system to a population. It includes expenditures and resources which means the issues of the government provides for the public. A healthcare system aims to develop, refresh, and retain health.

Also answering the expectations and providing financial protection against the costs of illness or health are very important goals for a healthcare system. Healthcare systems are influenced by many factors including the history of population or culture. Therefore, each country draws its own path. Most countries care about the healthcare system so much like Turkey.

Developed Healthcare System in Turkey

Turkey’s healthcare industry, increased nearly 3 times in 20 years after the 1980s. In this increasing, the public sector has a big role. Especially, social security institutions’ healthcare expenditures become an engine for healthcare in public. On the other hand, the Turkish Government provided the private healthcare sector by allowing social security institutions’ purchasing healthcare services from the private sector.

During recent years, the private sector moves ahead of the public sector about hospitals. Many people prefer private hospitals because of service quality. Meanwhile, the government makes improvements to public hospitals. For example during to 2015 types of research; Turkey is on the 22. Place in the world about the number of hospital beds for 10.000 people.

The healthcare system in Turkey improves with the capacity of hospitals, good services, and technology. The importance of family practice decreases the number of patients of public hospitals. The government provides technological equipment purchasing with expenditures on the healthcare system. Investments are mostly about on Research-Development and Information Technologies departments.

Studies show that Turkey’s healthcare system develops day by day. Turkey works on all movements about the healthcare system and the healthcare system increases in time.