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Turkey: A Shopaholics’ Paradise

Turkey: A Shopaholics’ Paradise

One of the greatest pleasures of visiting a new country is shopping for souvenirs and the country’s other exclusive items. What and where to shop is one of the questions frequently asked by travelers, especially women. For such people, Turkey is a dream destination. This beautiful country boasts of not only amazingly scenic locales but also out of the world shopping experiences. It is indeed a shopaholics’ paradise.

Shopping in Turkey

Turkey is home to all kinds of shopping experiences, from ancient street bazaars to glitzy high-end shopping malls. In fact, the country has the oldest bazaar in the world as well as the biggest shopping mall in Europe. Depending on the kinds of things you are looking for, you will surely find places that sells them. Even if you don’t have anything to buy, taking a stroll around the Turkey bazaars are an experience unto itself.
It is difficult to choose which bazaars and shopping malls to visit, seeing that there are just so many of them. So, to help travelers, here are three of the must-visit bazaars and shopping malls in Turkey:

Grand Bazaar

The number one on the list is of course the oldest bazaar, the Grand Bazaar. It was started way back in 1455 and it houses around 4000 shops selling a variety of items. Especially the local art & crafts sold here are stunning, making this place an absolute must visit for everyone.


Sprawled over a whopping 1,76,000 sum, this mall is a spectacle in itself. There are hardly any renowned national and international brands that are not sold here. This mall is a treat for the sore eyes.

Egyptian Spice Bazaar

This enticing bazaar is a must-visit because of its unique flavors. You will surely be awestruck by the vast varieties of spices and dry fruits sold here. Make sure to take some of the exotic spices back when you return.

Turkey Shopping Is an Experience

If you are a shopaholic, you will probably never want to leave Turkey. However, the sheer number of shopping places are not the best part. The best part is the friendly shop owners and the affordable prices. Visit the country once and you will know for yourself.