Treatment in Turkey

Treatment in Turkey

Treatment in Turkey

In a globalizing world, people can travel to other countries for healthcare services very easily. Their needs and expectations are very important for treatment abroad. This article involves reasons for choosing treatment in Turkey.

Many people around the world, prefer Turkey for medical treatment services. Turkey has a high young population, developed human resources, the potential of a quality labor force. In addition to this, in the recent ten years, Turkey takes positive responses to investments in health. In fact, competition has begun with other countries.

Reasons for Treatment in Turkey

Millions of people around the world, aim to be treated or take support about the eye, dental, orthopedic, and other surgical operations with health tourism. They choose Turkey for treatment because of the country’s location, developed substructure, quality labor force, technical equipment, lower costs, geothermal sources, and historical, natural beauties. Also, Turkey has visitors of about 40 million every year and has a magnificent potential for scientific and technological developments. In fact, whereas a record 45.1 million international visitors arrived in Turkey in 2019.[1]

In recent years, especially in cities such as; Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, and Antalya, Turkey’s national health standards have increased drastically. Also, investments in hospitals and healthcare services and employees increase every year. At the same time, Turkey aims to offer good services to medical tourists in their own languages. These are among the several reasons for treatment in Turkey.

Treatment Varieties of Turkey

Visitors mostly choose Turkey for treatment for internal diseases, orthopedic, women diseases, and birth. In addition to this, Turkey accepts more medical tourists for eye surgery than other countries. Also, Turkey has an important point against other countries about heart diseases, aesthetic surgeries, hair transplantation, and dental operations. For example, United States citizens prefer Turkey for heart diseases because of lower costs. For example, bypass heart surgery costs around $125.000 in the USA but it costs like $25.000 in Turkey.

Turkey follows developing health tourism in the world and offers a high quality of standards, developed technological opportunities, good services, lower waiting time, variety of thermal resources, along with cultural heritage to medical tourists. The quantity of medical tourists increases every year in Turkey.

Reasons To Undergo Treatment in Turkey

For the past decade, Turkey has been one of the top and pioneering countries in the sector of medical tourism. Every year, approximately 500,000 individuals receive treatment and diagnostics, according to the Turkish Institute of Statistics. The Joint Commission International (JCI) quality certificate has been awarded to 49 Turkish clinics.[2]

The Turkish government often improves the healthcare system, which draws a huge number of foreign investors. Over $30 billion has been invested in 2018 in the development of the Turkish healthcare system, according to the International Trade Administration.[3]

Patients frequently choose treatment in Turkey for a variety of reasons. Patients who choose treatment in Turkey benefit from the fact that they do not have to wait for a program for elective operations or treatments, and they may obtain more inexpensive treatment thanks to Turkey’s successful specialist doctors without sacrificing the quality of service in Turkey. Another advantage of receiving treatment in Turkey is that most European and American physicians opt to practice and begin their residency in Turkey.

Another justification for treatment in Turkey is cancer treatment. Tumor removal surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are all performed by Turkish professionals. For radiation, the doctors employ CyberKnife and TrueBeam equipment. In 85 percent of instances, this type of radiation has a favorable outcome.

Another cause for treatment in Turkey is bone marrow transplantation surgery. In Turkish clinics, the surgery has a 90 percent success rate. Allogeneic transplantation from a donor and autologous transplantation from the patient’s cells are performed by the specialists. In Turkey, the cost of the operation starts at $50,000.

Another cause for treatment in Turkey is neurosurgery. Deep brain stimulation (DBS) and vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) are used by Turkish doctors to treat Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. In Turkey, DBS therapy has a success rate of 98 percent.

Other reasons include:

Language: In Turkey, the majority of physicians and medical workers are fluent in English. When a doctor only speaks Turkish, a patient is given a translator by the hospital’s foreign division.
Cost of Treatment in Turkey: One of the primary advantages of medical tourism in Turkey is the low cost. In comparison to Germany and Israel, treatment and diagnostics in Turkey are 30-50 percent less expensive. After all the operations have been completed, the patient pays the cost for treatment. Diagnostics, treatment procedures, medical consultations, and hospitalization are all part of the payments necessary. So it’s a good idea to have medical insurance. The patient is responsible for paying for their transportation, food, and overnight accommodations. However, certain care packages include everything.
Location: The nation is quite accessible, and it boasts a one-of-a-kind “visa-free” policy. Patients from countries such as; Finland, Switzerland, Israel, Iran, and Georgia, among other countries, can take advantage of the visa-free program for 90 to 180 days. Through Europe and the Middle East, Turkey is accessible by plane, rail, ferry, automobile, and bus.

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