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Travelling as a Single Woman to Turkey

Travelling as a Single Woman to Turkey

You all know the civil law, which is the law that provides equality between women and men and gives women the right to choose and be elected. In addition to this, Turkey is one of the first countries that give women the right to choose and be elected in 1930. So that you may notice equality is important in Turkey for almost a hundred years. Today if you travel to Turkey, it doesn’t matter you’re a single woman or a single man. You’re a human after all.

European Countries Include Turkey

If you want to travel to Turkey and you have some questions about the country, firstly you must know that Turkey is a European country. Because of this situation, you may feel comfortable traveling alone or with a group. Especially in big cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir; you can find anything you need or expect from a trip.  Your traveling maybe for just touristic, for cultural or for business, etc. You can feel safe and comfortable in Turkish cities like your hometown. Modern life and antique life is nested in Turkey. You may find more than your expectations.

Turkey Is a Cosmopolitan Country

Think of a country, which is developing day by day and protecting historical parts with growing. Historical parts in hold traditions and in Turkish traditions, guests are always precious. So that if you decide to travel to Turkey, you just need to be curious about your new experiences. Your gender or ethnicity doesn’t change your enjoyable travel.
Turkey is a cosmopolitan country for years. You may see this in history books too. Different nations in Turkey live together in many cities with peace like another country in Europe. In fact, Turkish people are more different from other European country citizens. After your trip with a train, car, or plane, if you see kind, warm and smiling people around you, you are welcome to Turkey.