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Things You Should Know About Divorce in Turkish Culture

Things You Should Know About Divorce in Turkish Culture

Culture, where is influenced by society habit, can be presented on how human relations are going. From human interaction, family bond, marriage life, until divorce behavior. Turkey, as a country that stands between two different civilizations, is having a diverse perspective to define divorce. Some conservative peoples see divorce as a taboo, the worst thing.” On the other hand, some peoples can easily ask for divorce to their partner as if it is no big deal.

The Divorce Is Must Have Done in Turkey

To remember, when you were married in Turkey or at a Turkish Embassy and hold an official Marriage Certificate/Book, you cannot go to a court in another jurisdiction to get the documents for divorce. You need to go to a civil court from where you receive a court divorce decree in Turkey. The jurisdictions outside of Turkey are not considered valid.

Types of Divorce in Turkish Culture

There are two types of divorce ground in Turkey: Contested Divorce and Uncontested (Agreed) Divorce

Uncontested (Agreed) Divorce

The marriage is considered to be impaired. It is when the age of marriage at least 12 months and there is the mutual consent of each spouse or court case by one spouse has been accepted by the other spouse.
However, when the marriage has lasted less than 12 months and there is mutual consent, parties still can apply to the court and ask for a divorce. But they need to give the specific ground for reason. In this kind of divorce, the spouses are usually not needed to be present.

Contested Divorce

This is the serious one when either spouse brings a case to the court to end up their martial marriage. There are two main types of grounds in Turkish family law, that is general and specific grounds.

The General Ground

The general grounds can be seen as a high-conflict divorce. It is when the problem source has put them apart and no possibility for them to live together again as a married couple. Their marriage feels like cannot be fixed anymore.

The Specific Ground

For the specific ground, the Turkish Civil Code provides the following possible grounds. Here it is:


Maltreatment, severe insult;

A threat to the spouse life;

Committing a crime;


Mental illness;