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Things to Consider When Choosing Cat Food! 

Things to Consider When Choosing Cat Food! 

Choosing the food for your cat sounds simple. But, it is not as simple as you think. When you enter a store with pets food, you will find a number of cat food brands that make you confused about choosing the right cat food. When you see dozens of brands on the rack you will think about what cat food to choose and what not to.

Here, we have gathered some of the things to consider when choosing cat food prepared by the brands or you are preparing cat food at home. 

It is a fact that being a cat owner, we want our little loved one to give everything that is healthy for her. We want to see her healthy always. But do you know that feeding a healthy diet is one of the best ways to make her life healthy and free of infections? However, choosing the best cat food can be confusing. So, simply keep these things in mind to give the best to your little one.

Choose Cat Foods Based on Your Cat’s Age

Always remember that cats need different nutritional values in different ages. So, get the food based on your cat’s age. Kittens need high protein than adult cats, similarly, more matured cats need lower protein than adults. Their food is categorized by the age group like one month to one year, one year to seven years, and seven years upwards.

When choosing cat food, also keep in mind that there are specialized cat foods for weaning, pregnancy, and various other stages of senior cats.

Choose Canned or Dry Cat Food

When it comes to cat food, canned or dry food is one of the other things to consider when choosing cat food. Some say that canned food is much healthy than dry food, while some say both have equal importance. So, you can choose anyone which is more convenient for you or your cat loves the most.

Also, when you have to choose cat food, canned foods are believed to have high moisture content which is good for cats.

Consider Lifestage for Your Cat

When it comes to the things to consider when choosing cat food, you must also check the food label for the number of nutrients present in it. It will help in understanding that this cat food is complete and balanced for the cat’s growth, reproduction, and maintenance. Make sure to choose a cat food that is completely fit for the life stage of your cat.

Look at the Ingredients in the Cat Food

Now, when we talk about the ingredients present in the variety of cat foods, select the food manufactured by a trusted brand. Make sure that the cat food you are choosing has all the essential nutrients and other ingredients good for your cat’s health.

Choose cat foods that have meat, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, etc. that are essential for cats. You can also give plant-based nutrients to your cat that promote optimal health. Always choose a cat food that is naturally preserved.

Bonus Tip:

It is not just about what cat food you choose to feed your cat, it is also about what not to feed them.

Here, we will also discuss avoiding certain food when you are going through things to consider when choosing cat food.

What to Avoid When Choosing Cat Food

Many of you who do not know which food is good or bad for cats, usually result in an unhealthy pet at your home. Some even think that human foods for dogs can also be given to cats. It is wrong. Cats have different metabolism, so giving the wrong food may cause a mild digestive problem or severe illness, while in some cases even death.

The following are the food items that should always avoid when choosing cat food if you really concern about your loved one’s health.

Onion & Garlic

Both onion and garlic are toxic and can destroy the red blood cells of a cat. The food that contains a small amount of onion powder can cause a serious health problem. So, you must see the ingredients before giving any packaged food to your cat. Even raw and cooked onion and garlic are bad for cats’ health.


Bones are dangerous for cats as they can splinter, and can be stuck in the cat’s throat, and can even block the intestinal tract. It can lead to intestinal upset causing vomiting and diarrhea. Never let bones become an obstruction in a cat’s digestion system. Also, when bones are chewed with high pressure can cause dental fractures as well.

Dog Food

Accidental consumption of dog food doesn’t cause any problem. But, if you regularly feed it to your cat, it may cause malnutrition and heart disease. One of the most important things to consider when choosing cat food. It is so because dog food is not made as per the cat’s needs. Most dog foods have ingredients that can bring an adverse effect on the cat’s health. Also, they do not contain an adequate amount of protein and fat, so avoid feeding this to your cat.

Sugary Foods

When it comes to choosing cat food, too much intake of sugar is not good for cats. It can cause obesity and diabetes in cats. Sugary foods can also result in diabetes. These foods to cats can also weaken their immune system.

Raw Eggs

Cats need protein, but raw eggs containing avidin (an enzyme) can reduce the absorption of Vitamin B and can result in various skin and hair coat problems. The raw eggs also contain bacteria that can lead to salmonella and other parasites. They are good for the kitty’s health, but make sure to give it in a very small amount and occasionally.


Most pet lovers have a habit of giving treats to their pets. Chocolate contains caffeine, sugar, and theobromine which is highly poisonous for cats. The consumption of chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea, muscle tremors, and even heart attack in some cases.  The dark chocolate and baking chocolate can be deadly to your cat.

Raw Fish

Feeding raw fish to a cat can cause a gastrointestinal issue. The thiaminase present in raw fish can reduce the amount of Vitamin B, which is necessary for cats. The deficiency of Vitamin B in cats can become the reason for several neurological problems. In some cases, convulsions are also observed in the cats.

Milk & Other Dairy Products

Don’t get surprised. Once a cat reaches adulthood, the cat becomes lactose intolerant. The digestive system of adult cats becomes incapable to digest dairy foods easily. Due to it, the ingestion of milk and other dairy products can cause stomach upset, vomiting, and diarrhea. Intake of a large number of such foods can even bring more severe health problems.

Final Words

Always remember cat is a creature of habit. So, never choose cat food which is not good for the cat’s health. If you have any doubt, consult your vet. Hopefully, you will understand the actual concept of things to consider when choosing cat food.