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The Top 9 Baklava Importers of Turkey

The Top 9 Baklava Importers of Turkey

If not for anything else, you should visit Turkey once to try their heavenly cuisine. Sweet, savory and spicy, whatever cravings your taste bud have, Turkish cuisine will leave you wanting more. Among all the local food you should taste, one of the must-try is the baklava. It is a dessert that is very famous worldwide. So much so, that many countries around the world import this delicious, sweet dish from Turkey.

Baklava is a dessert pastry adorned with nuts like pistachios and frosted with sweet syrups made from sugar or honey and lemon juice. This short description cannot begin to explain just how good this out of the world sweet dish is. It is not without any reason that it is so popular among locals, tourists as well as many people worldwide.

The Top Nine Turkey Baklava Importers

Turkey exports baklava to round 48 countries from six continents and it accounts for a considerable contribution to the country’s economy. The top nine importers of baklava from Turkey are the United Stated of America (USA), Germany, France, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Australia, Japan and Iraq. USA and Germany alone imports about 312 tons and 210 tons of baklava respectively, from Turkey.

Because Baklava is so popular worldwide and imported to so many countries globally, the dessert industry is thriving in Turkey. There are more than 25 companies involved in manufacturing and exporting of baklava from Turkey. This also means that a substantial number of people are employed in this industry. So, baklava contributes to the country’s economy in more ways than one.

Must Try When Visiting Turkey

Albeit a smaller number than the import amount, but every year numerous packs of baklava are also sold to the tourists visiting this country. It is extremely tasty, so anyone who tries it once wants to take it back for others to try or to keep for themselves.
Hence, if you are planning to visit Turkey anytime soon, make sure you have this heavenly dessert on the list of your must-try foods in Turkey.